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  1. I've been looking at different bongs for a while... And I've slightly narrowed it down to these two:

    Acryl bong fluorescent - Glass Bongs - Bongs & Waterpipes - Smoking Pipes -
    Weed Star - Long Slim Jim Blue-Eye Ice Bong -

    The $20 price difference and unbreakability make the acrylic bong tempting... But glass is glass, attachments can be found/bought almost anywhere, and I've never broken a piece.

    So the deal maker/breaker here is hit smoothness. Based on the diffuser downstem, the weed star bong seems like it would hit smoother by default. But if the smoothness difference is negligible (or nearly negligible), I would probably go the acrylic route.

    Now that you've experienced my indecisiveness, HALP PLZ.
    (seriously though, advice would be appreciated and other bong recommendations are welcome - just don't turn this in to a "my bong is better than yours!" thread)

    Thanks GC! :smoke:
  2. i didnt even look at the two and decided on the weed star trust me glass looks classy,taste better,lasts basicaly forever. plus its an ice bong which is fun when u have guests over(im too lazy to add ice when its just me) doooooooooooo noooooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttttt geeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttt accrrrryyyyllliiiccccccc :mad: lol
  3. I would prefer the glass, acrylic just has a juvenile appearance to it while good glass is pure class. I've hit very smooth acrylic bongs in my day but the best hits were from tubes made of the melting sands. :smoke:
  4. Very true, thanks for the input guys. I've been leaning more toward the glass too... but the acrylic is sooo cheap.
    And yeah, there are two versions of that weed star bong - one with ice pinches, one without (it's a less than 3 dollar difference). Definitely gotta get the ice support.
  5. go with the weed star(glass)

    30% coupon at the top of the page too
  6. Yeah, the 30% coupon is the reason I'm going for it.

    Seems like the Weed Star it is! And with the money I save from that coupon, I can buy some CLR to get rid of that logo :)
  7. I feel like you could find higher quality and lower prices at your LHS. :/
  8. I dunno... Headshops here are pretty overpriced from what I've seen.
  9. the acrylic piece will have noticeable drag in comparison to the GonG Weedstar. This should be reason alone to go with the glass.
  10. I'm in the market for a bong too, and a lot of the Weed Star products I have seen have great reviews and are a good value. The acrylic will get the job done, but I would definitely go with the glass one, you won't regret it.

  11. Not where I'm at. I bought a glass foot and a half Grafix bong for $110. I was going to get a local blown one but it was ugly and cost $250.
  12. You are all good salesmen/women. I'll probably order it tomorrow or Saturday.

    I've got two new questions (store-related):

    1. Does GC accept prepaid credit cards (visa or mastercard more specifically)?
    2. Would they knock the total (including shipping) down to $50.00 even from $53.75?
    (just because the prepaid cards seem to go up in increments of $25, and I'd rather not buy a $75 prepaid card)
  13. The cheapest in their over 21" category is $145. Sticking to grasscity for now :)
  14. Yeah why do you want it so large? 14" - 5.5mm beaker with tree arm perc is much better in my opinion to a 3.2mm thick, 17" straight tube.
  15. I like large bongs - the weed star I'm looking at is 23 inches and only $45. Don't need the thickness of a 5mm (my cheap glass bong has survived a couple years). The price of what I'm looking at is just over $50 with shipping included - that's pretty much my (self-imposed) limit.
  16. I believe this will be my setup of choice:


    The way I see it, I either have free shipping or a free perc :D

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  17. You quite sure about that particular a/c? Better off upgrading the downstem.

  18. I'd say go for a new downstem and a carbon filter rather than the ac you chose. That will just add drag.

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