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  1. Acryl bong clear - English -

    I just received this bong and used it last night. I know its nothing fancy but I just got it to use in the meantime until I can purchase a nice one. Getting bored of always using my small glass pipe.

    Anyway, its gets the job done, but I noticed that the downstem doesn't seem very sturdy. I'm afraid with a little handling it may come loose. The bowl screws off but I'm afraid to even touch it. Is there anything I can do to make this a little more sturdy for the time being?
  2. The down stem is only being supported by the rubber grommet so it's not going to be very solid. As long as it makes a good seal I wouldn't worry about it. It is a $12 dollar bong, can't expect too much craftsmanship.
  3. back when i started had basically the same bong but smaller.....the downstem isn't sturdy but it isn't going to break on you..
  4. Thanks guys. Like I said I'm not expecting it to last forever, I just needed something to break up the monotony.

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