Cheap Ballasts??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by blazin420, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. I am looking to get a 600w HPS setup but the ballasts are so expensive. The cheapest one I can find is about $225.

    Anyone know where there are some cheaper ones?
  2. you always kinda get what you pay for, thats a pretty decent price and about average, you could always go with

  3. in the UK!
    god bless the queen.
  4. where do i get a cheap ballast in the uk THUG?
  5. sofar i havent pay for any of my grow equipment....

    i got a 250watt High Presure Sodium bulb for free from a skool friend....

    A Ballast with 120input just perfect for the 250w.... i found it in my dad none functional van where he keeps a lot of junk things in....

    but im afraid i will waste 45 bucks on the socket

  6. to test if the ballast works solder the wires that shud go to the lamp holder straght onto the lamp.
    live into the middle
    earth to the outer screw part.
    safe to run like that for a few hours if your solderings any good.
  7. make sure the lamp is ok first

  8. i do that mate... but if it aint got pic i wont understand how to do kinda comfuse on what u want me to do with it
  9. well i finaly got tge balls to connect the it works fines.. dosent make no noise, but the on off switch dont work... think i will have to open it or i think i wont need it since im gonna be useing the timer right?...
  10. here some pic of the thing...

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  11. 2....

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  12. i can do you a pic if you want. i have a spare lamp and ballast i can use.

    yeah i would remove the switch anyway.
    you dont need it
    its 1 less thing to break later
    you would be upset if you knocked the switch by mistake and the light didnt come on for days wwithout you knowing.
  13. 3....

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  14. a pic will be good mate......
  15. will do it a little later after the simpsons has been on
  16. if you have allready turned the ballest on you dont need pics showing how to test it do you.

    that was a waste of twenty minutes doin pics.
  17. lol... Bob is right.. it might help somebody else mate...

    here i open the ballast.. come to knowdest who ever had these ballest befor was useing it to grow... they tie a metal wire on the on off switch to disable it.. i will show yall right now with the pics i took.....

    now one quetions.. theres a input and output... dose both work or only the input one......

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  18. 2...

    u see the white thing that gose around.. well the person who own these befor tie that wireing to disable the on off switch.....

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  19. 3....

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