Cheap and stealthy security camera?

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  1. I want to get one camera set up in my apartment. Just pointed at the door, just in case my landlord comes in when she's not welcome or anyone else for that matter, I want to know. 
    I don't need some elaborate security system costing hundreds of dollars. Just a simple camera, hooked up to my computer. Is there any camera out there with a USB cable that hooks up to your laptop for recording that anyone knows of for a good price?
    Anyone have such setup?

  2. Webcams are perfect for this.
  3. Any cheap webcam will do. Or you can look for a Foscam. All of them you can use with a phone app to see whats going on, or get alerts when they are activated!
    Thanks guys! But what program do I download so the webcam can record feed or record when its motion activated? There's one program I saw online thats a minimum $8/month but I was wondering if there is something for free to download.
    Nah...just set it up through your router. There is a phone app called tinycam or something like that that you can log into. And it will show you how to setup your router. Just Google it. It'll have more info than I can give. But basically you assign a static IP to the cam, and then remotely access it.
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    check out wifi security cameras. most come with software to record webcam style or trigger recording on motion to a 'server' anywhere it can reach via the network.
    and cost well under 100 bucks
  7. Thanks a lot fellas!!!!

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    Do any of you guys know of a camera you can put on your peephole and record like that? I know there is one where you can change the peephole but I don't want the landlord seeing the peephole being changed. If there is something I just set on that peephole opening to record to my computer that'd be alot better. Because i'm not too concerned with people coming in, just people who might try to listen in by my door.
  9. No way that I know of. The focal length would be too short. Buy a white noise machine and aim it at the door. They won't hear shit....
  10. My suggestions go with Ring cameras because of their amazing results in terms of features for remote monitoring cameras.

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