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  1. I recently stumbled upon a really cool and creative indie game. It's called Xenominer. It's another voxel sandbox game though so if you're not into that genre, I doubt you'll like this. I got it for 80 ms points which I think equates to like a dollar.

    The game starts with a computer called Daisy or DAI-ZE giving you an idea of what happened. Apparently, your ship crash landed on this moon called Xenos and you were the only survivor. Your oxygen levels will deplete over time so you need to find a way to fix that. You also have to keep watch on your battery as well since that depletes when you turn on your lights or use the P.I.C.K. The P.I.C.K. is a mining tool that transforms matter into energy and then stores it in your pack. OH! Since the moon has no atmosphere whatsoever, you have to hide during the day or risk being irradiated by the sun.

    I will warn you beforehand though, you will be VERY lonely! You will have to find your own purpose in this game.

    My first base consisted, at first, of whatever was left of the space ship. I eventually transformed my lonely little hut into a medieval castle, complete with two bridges and a huge wall that surrounds the entire base. However, as time went on, I became bored with my castle and just decided to see what this world was like. I literally just decided to head west, take cover when the sun was up, and move at night. My base was surrounded by huge mounds, but as I continued west, I found some awesome sights. I came across frozen tundras, ice capped mountains, floating islands in the sky, trees made of ice, cave systems, and even an abandoned alien ship.

    The best part is the developers are constantly working on this game. They plan on adding a bunch of features and also work diligently to fix any kind of bugs within this game. I had heard they are working on multiplayer but I'm not sure how that's going to work out.

    That's my story, now I'm wondering if anyone has played this game on grasscity. If so, I'd love to hear about it.
  2. looks pretty sweet, i love minecraft hahah so im going to guess this would be pretty fun

    perhaps ill DL it when i get home if i have any MS points currently lol

  3. Care to explain?

  4. how it's being described is it's like minecraft but not really... i've never played minecraft so i don't know anything except what ive seen.
  5. ive been reading up on it while im bored at work haha

    Apparently its like its in the minecraft shell... sandbox universe with various blocks types and such that you can build and destroy as you want... but it has a lot of different aspects to it, and its extremely new so its obviously lacking in lots of the cool shit minecraft has (weather, growth of plants which in this game i assume would be something different, no plants growing in space as far as i know hahaha, mobs/npc's) but they are planning to add tons of things in over time...

    im definitely going to get it just to see how it is, its dirt fuckin cheap so whatever

  6. After you play it for a bit, tell me what you think. Oh, and a new patch is coming out soon. Patch 1.3. We're currently on 1.02 so it's going to be quite the update. :D
  7. i actually didnt download it yesterday, got busy after work haha

    today i more than likely will though

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