Cheap and Effective ODOR CONTROL

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MrERoach, May 22, 2003.

  1. take a five gallon bucket and drill hole close to the top all the way around it. Place these hole about 4 inches from the top and make the diameter of the holes whatever you want.

    Get a "holmes turbo" fan it is a round fan that has the motor and cord directly inline with the fan blade and it is about the same diameter as the five gallon the fan on top of the bucket so it pulls air in from those holes that you drilled.

    Buy some ONA (odor neutralizing agent) and some soil moist. Soil moist is a gel type substance that really absorbs liquids.

    put the soil moist and the ONA in the bucket adjusting the amount to suit your needs I would put about a cup of the ONA and add a little water.

    The fan will suck in the odors and blow out nice smell.

    The fan cost about 10 bucks and the soil moist cost about 5

    the ONA cost about 10 and that leaves 5 bucks for the bucket.

    This will work on even the worst smells and should do good in any average size grow area.
  2. Sounds like a great idea[​IMG] .l think l,ll try it meself.[​IMG]
  3. GOOD LUCK and I hope you ENJOY!!
  4. thanks for the info

    The Dude Abides !
  5. I am a bit confused. Do you have a diagram of the setup?
  6. I had 8 lights and 200 plants and I made two of those and it does work, BUT amount of that shit you go through is insane. I was spending a $200 a month. I bought a coco fiber air filter($450) it works as a scrubber and kills the smell, doesn't mask it.
  7. Is ONA harmfull to humans ?
  8. yeah, i knew i saw someting similar at overgrow:)
  9. Damn, so what could I use instead then I dont want no harmful stuf.. what should i do ? I bought the water crystals already!
  10. no the ona wont harm you, just dont consume it.
  11. woot how about fabric softerns on fans will that harm us ?!
  12. a fabric softener will not cover the smell of flowereing buds.;)
  13. bounce sheets over a fan will cover the smell of a small grow in full flower and make ur house smell nice.
  14. i tryd this the other day on a small fan like i said but with no plants cuz im not growing in my house but lol wow it made my house smell great!! I find lots of non-cultivating good idea's from you guys.... so many people think people who smoke pot are all F'ckd up because they claim " it kills brain cells " well i think yall are justthe smartest!

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