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    Update: My girl is now flowering.. There are picture towards the end of the thread!

    Hey guys

    I've started a new little hobby. Everything is going great thus far almost one week in. I have two plants with about 200w them. It is close to two inches tall and in a tiny 500ml pot. I have a fan on it always, and the stem seems strong. Its exactly five days since i first saw it sprout and its second set of fan leaves are coming in nicely.

    too my questions

    - I have it in miracle grow soil but im going to transplant it soon to non fertilized soil and maybe perlite (depends on price) what would be a cheap nute and when does it need it. Or should i get more miracle grow bc its doing well in it now?

    -I was going to transplant into about a 10" wide by 6" tall. Is this too big comming from such a small first pot?

    Since i'm learning each day i'll continue to update how its going and ask more questions!
  2. Perlites kinda cheap. 4cuft is like 20 bucks at the local shop. I couldnt tell ya what nutes to use, but I'd say wait untill veg week 3 at least. MG soil is generally looked down on, as it can cause nute "hotspots" that can hurt your plants. BUT i have seen a few "decent" grows using MG.
    should be fine, some people start in 5gal buckets, so i dont see how it can hurt.

    Try LST'ing the plant.
  3. Ok that sounds good thanks for the advice. I have a second plant that sprouted just a couple days ago. I thought it wasn't gonna grow. I currently have 1 42 wt cfl and 1 22 wt cfl growing my bigger plant, and the sprout. Im trying to use about 80 wt per plant eventually but they bothey seem to be thriving currently under less. when is it important to get each plant its own lighting? I was thinking when the plants started getting bushy but need opinions.

    If i was to do LST when would be they best time to do it. I was worried that it may hurt the plant. This is my first grow and i really hope it yeilds something bc they are grown from some awesome bagseeds. What are cons to LST?

    Thanks for any light you can shed on this! :smoking:
  4. The sooner the better.

    LST will raise your yield if you do it right. Start tying her down after the 3rd or 4th leaf set, and be gentle. The only real cons are breaking a stem, but if you go slow and gentle, you'll do fine. Low Stress Training shouldnt hurt her at all.
  5. When you say 3rd or 4th leaf set do you mean fan leaves. It has 3 sets of leaves curently but one is the primordial leaves.

  6. Fan leaves, yessir.
  7. OLD set up was a 42 watt cool white cfl and a 22 wt cool white cfl. Since the second sprout came up i wanted to upgrade as you suggesseted.

    NEW set up is 5 23 wt Daylight CFLs. These are way brighter and it looks good for now!

    My questions are:

    1. I have my old bulbs laying around still and wonder if i should put the 42 wt cool white back on them. I would have to remove 2 23wt daylight bulbs. It works out to about the say lumens be the kelvin would be different. What do you guys suggest?

    2. My plant is in a 500 ml pot and needs to be transplanted pretty soon. I can tell bc it needs water almost daily. When is it absolutley nessasary to put it in a bigger pot?

  8. 1. Leave the daylight bulbs on them. Mixed spectrum lighting is great but not with CFLs
    because you'll have one side getting more of one kinda light than the other. It doesnt
    balance out.

    2. It's necessary to uppot before the plant becomes rootbound. You can use that to your
    advantage however, if you want to stunt the growth of your plant. Just dont transplant :)
    Remember, the bigger the roots, the bigger the chutes, so use at least 1 gallon of soil
    per foot of vertical growth.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
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  9. Updated questions based on the excellent advice above!

    1. I found a way to add the rest of my lights if you think i should. my grow space is about 1' by 1' but has only 3 sides with walls. I have a clamp lamp with reflector trying to block 4th side. I currently have 115 watts of daylight CFL on my two plants. One plant has two sets goin on three, and the other is still working on its first set of fan leaves. Should i add my 42 watt white light CFL to the mix or will it mess up the kelvin? I have been growing them from seed for 6 days at about 18/6.

    2. I was hoping to keep it short and fat by keeping it in this small pot longer. I. also figured it would be healthiest to get a good root mass before transplant. The pot its in now tho is just a small tupperweaer i streched a black sock around so it wouldn't let light through. No drain holes. The roots cover about 10% of the bottom. I want to transplant before it is too root bound. Howbig must the root ball be before the plant suffers.

    If anyone can offer any advice onnn these questions or in general that you can think that would be great!:hello:

    To get the new lights my new total cost is up to $35 (found $1 23wt daylight CFLs at loews) im trying to stick to the cheap budget.

  10. 1. If you can add that light, then go for it. More watts is always better :) (except when
    rooting clones).

    2. Yeah you can stunt its growth by leaving it in the Tupperware container. You can
    let it get pretty root bound before anything bad will happen. I've seen some decently
    large plants come out of 1 gallon pots before. It would be severely root bound before
    the plant starts to suffer from anything other than nute problems.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  11. if your looking for a decent container, nice and cheap, use a 3L pop bottle. chop off the top, lightproof it, Go. punch some drain holes and sit it on a plate.
  12. Thanks for all the advice, and for checking in on my grow, I added the 42wt white light bringing my up to a 157 watt to.tal. its going great with everyones help. Here are my updated questions

    1. I am gonna try and use a bucket for my new pot it's about 10" wide 6" deep. i'm thinknig about useing LST because its a wide bucket and i have a small grow space for the veg stage. My question is about drain holes. there are none in my bucket. Do i need them?

    2. I have been going back and forth whether to put in the effort to put aluminum foil around the grow space to help direct the lights that have no reflectors. the walls are currently white ( a little off-white. Do you think that foil would be advantagous over the regular walls?

    3. I planted 2 seeds at the sametime and one sprouted a couple days earlier. Even tho it got a head start it seems to be grown much faster then its sister, at least i hope its a sister. I heard of giving 1 hour of light during night to increase the chance of bplant being female. Is this during 18/6 or 12/12? i was under the impreession any light during the dark portion of 12 12 is very bad and can delay or halt flowering so i would think during veg, but dont know. Any Expert advice?
  13. 157 watts will do you well :) -- the more, the better!

    1. Thats a better pot, but remember MJs roots like to grow DOWN. 6" isn't very deep.
    Can you get anything deeper? LST is a GREAT idea. I am doing LST on my plants as
    well, on 12" pots.

    2. Using reflectors is a great idea. Brushed aluminum "clamp on" reflectors work best
    and using mylar or white paint on the walls helps a LOT when it comes to maximizing
    your effeciency. Aluminum Foil would NOT be better than your white paint. If your
    paint is glossy, re-paint with a FLAT paint to reduce light "hotspots"

    3. Light during flowering (12/12) is bad news. Giving an extra hour of light during 18/6
    woudnt help. There are no "sure fire" methods to guarantee female seeds (unless you
    bought femmed seeds!) The theory is that additional stress can cause a male to
    turn female, but the opposite is also true, and you might also end up with the worst..
    a hermie!!

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  14. Experimentalist, thanks for your continued answers! I looked thro one of your grows and saw that fish emulsion? What do you think about that for my plant?

    Question 1-I haven't decided what feed to give it. Its actually growing in miracle grow soill splendidly, tho i hear MG is awful. It isn't showing any nute burn or anything, so i wonder what fertilizer to use when i transplant it into unfertilized soil. Besides what to use when should i start it up? i plan to veg for about 1 month.

    Question 2- Do i need a drain hole in my new pot? ( i'm gonna use a bucket i have laying around)
  15. The third set of leaves grew in through out the day and are now waving about.They are still fairly small, but its great to see it growing so much in one week.!:hello:
  16. yup you will always want drain holes.... feed nutes after the first and only set of round leaves turn yellow........then nutes at 1/4 strength, 1/2, full.

    I used MG on my first too, they were fine... promix hp or sunshine mix #4 is a great nuteless soil....and they have perlite and/or vermiculite....with these soil your water ph isn't a issue, just mix your nutes and ph adjustment.

    good to see a new grower doing your research and asking valid questions....props man.
    good luck.
  17. Mr. Tangent - Thanks for the great answers i have read too many conflicting things on when to fertilize. I was gonna get a ph tester here soon so that would be great if a soil kind of regulated that. Do you mean that those two forementioned brands would do that or the perlite and vermiculite?

    Thanks again for the intrest!
  18. I had another quick question for today

    i do not have a timer on my plants i just manually take care of it. I am reliable but not as good as a timer. Has anyone had ill effects because the timing wasn't exact (within a half hour)?

    Ill check for some advice tommorrow! Thanks for helping :smoking:

  19. No problem! Yeah I used fish emulsion with success. I may have over-used it though
    as my plant devloped VERY dark leaves and thats usually a sign of too much N in the soil.

    1. Yeah thats a tough choice. I'm not going to lie to you. I've used MG in the past and
    it worked fine. I'm using MG nutes for my current grow. I'm using the 30-10-10 stuff
    for veg, and the 15-30-15 stuff for flowering. I get the water soluble stuff in the small
    boxes. Your results may vary, but I've had good luck with it in the past and I did all
    organic last grow, and I want to try a chemical fert this time around. I'll probably go back
    to Organic for my next grow, as it really is just a better way to grow in general.

    2. Yes. Make a few small holes actually. Be sure to put your bucket inside a tray or
    something or your disgusting runoff water will get all over the place. Not nice.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist

  20. Get a timer. They are like $5-$10 anywhere.

    30 minutes might be bad, but be real. Sometimes you WONT be able to do it or you'll
    forget or whatever, shit happens. Fucked up lighting schedules can stress out your
    plant and add time to your grow or fuck it up completely :)

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist

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