Chattanooga TN?

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  1. so who all on here lives in chattanooga?
    and what kind of bud do you get?
    so far ive only seen like three diff strains here and im disappointed

    so who gets really dank bud around here?
  2. Most of my Mom's side of the family lives in Rossville, GA. Just on the edge of Chattanooga in GA. Most of my cousins smoke schwag and say there's not enough money in that area to sell good weed much...

  3. chatty gets the funk man, your not looking hard enough

    strain is my all time favorite, Shiskberry.

  4. eh thats what i hear but ive been here long enough to see some good shit i just dont have any good connects
  5. so where does it come from?
    looks to me like an outdoor strain but im not an expert lol

    what do you pay a 1/4 for it?

  6. no my friend its far, far from out door.

    no idea on pricing.
  7. well like i said im no expert lol

    im trying to pick up at least a 1/4 today
    and i kinda wanna get ahold of some good
    but all of my people just cant get anything but some mids
    and i havent had dank in a while so i want a change lol
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    I live about 30 minutes from chattanooga and I don't smoke anything but good. I literally havent even seen mids around here in the past few months. Here is a pickup from just last week.
    and some more kill from the past
  9. damn man i hate living in the middle of this town
    im over by the rave movie theater and all the people in this area get mids

    friends of mine up in soddy get some pretty good dank
    but for the price and the gas money together its way too expensive unless i get a qp or more
  10. I am south of you right off of 75 going towards atlanta. The only problem here is the pricing, I am a little bit embarrassed to post what I pay a G... but fuck it ill just go ahead and tell you that we pay 25-30 a gram normally 30.

  11. not too bad man, for a while i was paying 50 for 1.5 of some bomb ass GDP:eek:

    but the funk i get and posted goes for 50 an 8th 100 for a quarter, 350 a zip
  12. thats the same price i get on some bomb here in the city

  13. if thats what you pay for bomb, how come you made a thread on not being able to find bomb weed? im just :confused: now
  14. cause the only people i buy from around here are all going back to school in knox and johnson city soon

    so i need other connects in the next like 2 weeks

    and id like to find a better, possibly cheaper connect
  15. good luck on dank cheaper than 50/100
  16. yea i know
    thats why im growing my own
    but im still in veg right now so no homegrown for a while

  17. wht strain and how many weeks into veg are you?
  18. damn..its that expensive??? glad i dont live there no mo haha ill be broke as hell....shit looks dank though!! id love to come back to tn again and try some bud over there..
  19. i really dont know what strain
    its just some bagseed

    and im about 8 1/2 weeks into veg
    cant wait to flower it

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