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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dizzysavage, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. I was thinkin y doesnt GrassCity have a chat room for blades... itd be for those people who have nuthin better to do than sit in front of the glowing box. Anyone else think this is a good idea? Is it possible?
  2. we could set up a chat room on IRC ? Jus a suggestion.
  3. would it stay constantly or would it end when no one was in it? i dont have much experience with IRC but if a chatroom is planned i guess ill try it.
  4. I agree with xxkmanxx irc is the way to go and yes dizzysavage the room will stay there as long as someone is in it and it is registered even if everyone leaves and someone comes in the room will just appear empty if it is empty it wont show in the /list command unless someone is in it. A really good idea as a matter of fact.

    What do you all think DALnet?

  5. I am so in awe of all you who can do this stuff!!!!!!! My hat is off to you!!!!!!! You guys are incredible.

    I think a chat room would be great. You know there are just those times it would be great. Anyway...I know if anyone could get it done right it would be you guys here at Grasscity. I love this place and I know we wouldn't have it without you!! Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.

    I love you all!

    May you have peace with God! Peace with yourself! And peace with your fellow man!

  6. I have NO idea what "cyber-magic" it would take to make this happen, but would really enjoy being able to "talk" to the Blades in a real time situation.I get to spend ALOT of time here due to my job, and would surely drive ya'll crazy "chattin'" ya, but I'm sure ya'll could just ignore me or mute me!! LOL :smoking:
  7. I wouldnt ignore you honest. =)

    Idea sounds good though

  8. i'd say DalNet is the best Server to do this on, i think somone should really start this :)
  9. here ya go, everyone go download MIRC (or any irc client) and go to #grasscity on DalNet.
  10. Ok go to chose a download location nearest to you, install the program. open it up you will be greeted by this really ugly dude (lol) fill in the needed info ie Full Name: (put whatever)
    Email Address: (put whatever)
    Nickname: (The Nick you want)
    Alternative: (If the nick you want is in use or owned by someone else then this nick will be used)

    Once all this is done look to the top box and chose "All" if it is not already done. Underneath this box chose a random dalnet server closest to you ie "Random US DALnet server" and finally click "Connect to IRC server". Once on the server you will see text fill the "status" page usually its the MOTD (message of the day). Everything you just did will only needed to be done this one time except clicking on the connect to server button. After the MOTD you get this annoying ass box popup showing some of the chat rooms on the server just close it out, now your left with the status window in there type this /join #grasscity or once you have mirc installed you can click on this link irc://dalnet/grasscity see yall there.


    P.S. Just close out the internet explorer window that pops up I had to use that vb coding for the link to appear as a link
  11. oh btw u can get a crack from

  12. that crack webpage isnt workin and im in the chatroom but no ones there :/ oh well i guess i can wait but we should schedule sumthin instead of randomly gettiing on.
  13. i think i just managed to get myself my own i am playing with myself all afternoon again....
    so when you smart peeps are looking around check for a highawatha room, that would be me
  14. ok clikin on the link was way easier, but again,...playing with myself. ;)

  15. If you do everything legally why u smokin herb?? LoL
  17. I'm in there right now with vatoloco if any of you want to come and chat.
  18. i havent seen anyone in the chatroom lately and im kinda sad ;( oh well i guess ill still wait..... Mirc and #grasscity for any interested.
  19. They should really do a chatroom on the site so you can just go from the homepage to the chatroom makes it simpler


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