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Discussion in 'General' started by Rasta_Man, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. Yo,

    So i fucked up my knee last night falling down the stairs. It's all swollen and shit.

    I'm stuck at my computer/couch without herb, and bored senseless.

    If you got MSN, drop me your email and we'll chat it up or something.
  2. that sucks dude. i'm at work so i'm not on msn. however when i am on my emial is
  3. Sorry to hear that R_M hope you gets better soon bro. Oh and I would holla at you but I do not have any IM set-ups on my cpu, sorry bro :eek: . JOE>
  4. Hehe.. i just got an image of you (in my head u look like the guy in ur avy)..repling frantically to 10 million IM's ...
  5. Damn that sucks. My mom falls down the stairs every day at least once. I dont get how people do it...
  6. Only one so far :confused:


    You wouldn't be far off, but Tommy Chong is a little bit older than me.
  7. RM hit me up on msn i pm'ed it to your crippled ass :p
  8. damn my dead ass only has yaaaaho ...damn son i had aim..but i dont know what happend to it
  9. ^ download GAIM, it's a program that mixes all of them into one
  10. I only got AOL/AIM.

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