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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by ReaganIsGod, Aug 3, 2011.

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    So my chat thread got deleted, but i see many other threads similar to mine, i kinda feel thats unfair. Because everybody else who gets to keep there thread have a high amount of rep; everybody said my thread was pointless, but there are many other pointless threads too, that havent been deleted, like the " ask a", threads, the only reason there still there is because of the rep they have in my opinion, i dont think alot of people are getting treated fairly

    EDIT: the grasscity dead hours is a chat thread, but chat threads are not allowed here? Oh... and what do you know the creator has a good amount of rep...hmmm

    I think if the rep were to be removed, people would get treated more fairly
  2. Firstly, you titled your thread "Post boosting" and acted as if it was merely an "up your post count" thread which is pointless and not allowed.

    Secondly, we try to avoid chat threads here. Yes, there are a few of them that we've decided to allow so long as they don't get out of hand, but that's all the more reason why we don't need any more chat threads. :p

  3. But isnt that what all the threads are? Chatting but with a topic, which eventually gets derailed into to some debate between posters; i couldnt figure out how to change thread name, it wasnt under thread tools, not trying to sound like an ass, but all my threads get so much hate, and my reports dont seem to do anything, but the exact opposite will happen, if they have high rep, thats why i dont like the rep system
  4. No, threads have a topic. Yours didnt. Those usually end up in a nonstop flame fest which is why they arent allowed. The Dead Hours thread is the current chat thread, and since it seems to be going well, I guess they allowed it
  5. Reading the rules will go a long way towards making your time here more enjoyable...

    For instance...

    And if you had read this... would realize that this thread will probably be closed at some point as well...

    As far as the rep system goes...people who judge others by rep now, would just switch to something along the lines of post count or join date if the system were eliminated...
  6. .... Ive had specific users go after me though, because of them not agreeing with what i post,,, and guess what, who do you think they will listen to more, the new guy who joined this month, or the users with high rep, and are good friends to the mods? Not very fair if you ask me, your more likely to get a thread deleted for making one similar, than to blatantly harass someone, with racial, and ethnic slurs... Just pointing that out
  7. Son, I just took a look at some of your posts, and no they go after you because of what you post. Because you are posting some very very juvenile stuff. It honestly makes me wonder if you're even old enough to join this site.

    A Justin Bieber appreciation thread? Really? And you bumped it five minutes after you started it like a...well...impatient child.

    Your other thread was just more spam too.

    I'm not saying there isn't room for fun and games, but...damn I'm having a very hard time holding my tongue here.

    Just accept a couple things here. 1) GrassCity is a place for adults. Please act like one.

    2) READ THE RULES. Unlike a lot of other sites on the internet, we CARE about our rules and enforce them. This isn't 4Chan.
  8. ^^ What WildWill said. And what IgnorantFool said. And what mushroomsatsuji said. :p

    I already explained to you why your thread was deleted, and I can assure you that we don't moderate based on peoples reputation. If you don't feel like people are paying you enough respect because your rep isn't high enough, I guess the only answer is to be a good poster and hope you get more rep. :confused_2:

    I'm going to close this now... If you have more questions, you're welcome to send a PM.
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