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Discussion in 'General' started by keepsmokin, Apr 12, 2002.


Do you want a Chatroom here

  1. Yes i want a chatroom

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  2. No that idea sucks

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  3. Maybe if more peoplewere here

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  4. what? I'm high

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  1. Vote if you want a chatroom here
  2. ive wanted a chat room for so long ive made posts on it and it would be awesome if the city got one of its own.....
  3. Im trying to get more attention to the topic
  4. if u want more attention change the thread title to "Who wants FREE weed!"
    im sure you'd get a hit or two
  5. ya ive tried and we got sum people goin with Mirc but that didnt last too long so it would be great if the site got a chatroom that i could go to in between posts.....
  6. If I wrote free weed all 2100 members would reply in 5 min
  7. or less!!! LOL :smoking:
  8. the idea of a chatroom on the city is great but there aren't always that many people online at the same time most of the time you'd be sitting there alone w/ eome or somebody like him who has no life and lives on his comp no offense eome but if more people would start getting on here and such it would be great i love coming here or going to the high times chatroom and getting high it's just funny to me so a chatroom would be really cool but we need more people too
  9. Look we have been over this time after time after time after time ! you are wasting your time...Sj knows we want a chat room it is now up to him to decide if we get one leave it at that, BTW i don't wanna sound like a old grump but i have seen this "chat Room" about 10 times now :)

  10. I was just off all week last week and none of my friends were in town. I'm not that sad- HONNEST!!!

    But I think that a chat room would just spoil the city. I mean the system we have now keeps the city interesting. Look if we were to have a chat where we could talk freely for hours the city would become boring cos everyone would get bored of everyone else... Plus you'd get a load of people in causing trouble and just typing bullshit... like me. I think that a chat room would make the city a little less interesting
  11. good point eome
  12. to be honest I agree with eome, if people can directly chat to each other the appeal of the messageboard will be less. I realy like the growth and frequency of postings, we are realy growing and I like it as it is right now. Why fix it if it ain't broke?


  13. I got a question for you what is the prime amount of members you want here like 5000 or as many as possible or do you want it stay as is?
  14. Us fried old fuckers need a message board rather than a chat room. With the STML thing going on, we need the time a board offers to think up stuff and post it before it goes away. Chats are for sober people who can think clearly.
  15. BPP your right chat rooms are hard to keep up with and you cant write more than a sentence before someone writes something else but their good for immediate stuff like i fell in the toilet what should i do, its a saftey issue the chatroom

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