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  1. So, I'm a smart kid. Maybe not number 1 in my class, but in the top 10. I've kicked ass all through school. Here I am in my senior year. I only need TWO more credits to graduate. Two. My senior English and Civics. They won't let me take just those two classes though. So I have to take 4 more classes total, and leave school at 1:00 everyday.

    I can't take it anymore. I can't stand wasting so much time in a building that I despise. I only have 8 months of school left, but I don't want to finish it.

    Would it be a bad thing to drop out and get my GED? If I did this, I could start college in the spring and begin working on my business degree. I want to get on with my education.
  2. You sure you're smart?
  3. Very dumb decision imho. If you're top 10, you can go to one of the best universities in the country, depending on your financial standing.

    Stick in school. It's only a little ways away man.
  4. My thoughts exactly.

    Just get through it. Its an endurance test now. If you want to get into business, youll need this skill

  5. By some standards.

    I don't want to go to the best universities in the country though. I don't want great financial success. If I didn't have a girlfriend, I wouldn't even get a career after school. I would rather travel the country and pull an "Into the Wild" kind of thing.

    But, because I'm in a good relationship with someone who wants to at least live in a house, there's no harm in earning a degree and starting a degree.

    So, for now, the community college will do.
  6. Dude, it's 8 months. Really? I could understand dropping out if you actually had more important shit to take care of, right now you need to focus on school. And if you want to go to college, you might as well get use to it.

    I regret dropping out to get a GED everyday of my life, but I really had no options.
  7. Give me a reason other than "Just do it."
  8. 100% you would regret not doing it... damn I feel like the people I never listened to. And sorry, but no you aren't different... not the exception. (cold-hearted, I know....)
  9. #1 I know for a fact they will let you leave early. I left school at 12 o clock everyday cause i finished early a little. #2 Love highschool, Cherish it, real talk...
  10. Uhhhh...

  11. Because a high school degree looks better than a GED in everything. While in today's day and age it doesn't matter than much, it could be the difference between a job, internship, college acceptance, and the list goes on.

    If you only need two classes, why don't you talk to a counsoler about doing a dual enrollment in a local CC and try and drop those classes you don't need. This could help you decide if you actually want to go to college while still in HS and you can decide from there.

    I really really really really really hope you choose to get your diploma, cause everyone I've talked to has regretted getting they GED when they didn't have to. Plus you have 8 months left, is it really that bad?

  12. I said that they let me leave early. But it's still an additional four hours of bullcrap that I could spend working.

    I was going to do the dual enrollment this year, but I couldn't get the financial aid that I needed.

    I've been in 10+ different schools my whole life. I don't have any close ties to the community or the people in the school. I've got a good plan for my life, I just don't know if I want to wait another year to get it started.
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    Don't drop out, solidify your highschool profile, if you ever decide to move onto the University level.

    Shit happens, plans change. You want a backup, and a GED isn't a good backup.

    I would suggest you test yourself intellectually. Take the hardest classes you can. I found school to be boring in the lower standard classes, but really fun/interesting in more difficult courses.
  14. Honestly, dropping out at this point would be one of the worse decisions I have seen made in a long time. I can say from experience that a diploma looks a lot better than a GED. Even after I got my BA, I still had many prospective employers actually ask about my GED and reasons why I did not finish school. You only have four classes left. Just bide your time and get that diploma. I wish I did.
  15. Stick with it. Definitely worth it. I was the same way as you, but looking back, I would regret not experiencing the second semester of my senior year.
  16. You're extremely close to finishing High School, dude, and you will truly be kicking yourself for years to come if you just drop out and settle for a GED when you only have this much left to go.

    While I did receive a genuine diploma from an alternative High School, not a day goes by that I don't wish I could go back to ninth grade, get my shit together, and stick with it for those four years. I gained a lot by deciding to just take an exam and be done with it so soon, but I also lost quite a bit. Some people really do need to get out of High School early and opt for the GED route, and it ends up being really beneficial for them, but I honestly do not think you meet that criteria.

    Think of all the extra classes as a good way to raise your overall Grade Point Average; they're not a curse, they're a gift.

    Good luck. I hope you make the right call for yourself on this one.
  17. It's 8 months. I have food in my refrigerator that's older then that. For someone who claims to be so intelligent, that would be a very stupid decision.

    Think of it this way... if you can't manage 8 more months of school, how exactly are you going to manage in the real world? College or a job that you're not 100% happy with?

    Going to a university isn't about making lots of money. It's about giving yourself options in the future. Dropping out of school now exponentially reduces your options for doing anything worthwhile later in your life. While your peers are moving on with their lives, having careers and families, you will be playing catch up.
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    Childhood friends from high-school should be made to stay in the past if you want completely move on, to sort of re-jig and re-calibrate your worldly and spirituals perceptions and goals. . .it's stagnation if you think for even one second it's some sort of game or 'race' outside of highschool, no, it's akin to a newborn turtle running for the ocean, more like 'one chance only' and obtaining a GED essentially dooms you to a life of hand-holding and lower expectations.

    Do NOT drop out of high-school, for if you do, even if you are relatively successful later in your lifestory; NO-ONE will ever consider you on their level, the highschool graduate, whose simple act of sticking with it and setting the alarm clock every night for the right time has placed them higher, socially than you.
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    LMAO I wish i was top 10 student.... would of saved me alot of money atm!!
    I got through high school barely. I could of done better but I was immature and thought wtf do i need school for....... now that im in my jr year of college its AWESOME!! college is so much better than highschool, i feel as if im actually working towards something that will carry me into the future.... the student loans are a bitch but whatever! id do it 3times over.

    Dude stick in their and your set, a top ten student will have scholarship opportunitys up the ass. Anywho college is something everybody should experience! High school is just meh... i had so many friends in high school and i barely talk to any of them like probaly 1..or 2. GED will just show that your a quitter and that you dont follow threw on important achievements, not good for career seeking and thats what life boils down to WORK. Money makes the world go round.
  20. there are more things to life than a high school certificate. if its truly what you want, then do it. but think long about that question

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