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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Vicious, Aug 12, 2017.

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    A brown "colored" Brazilian spouting David duke? Da fuq? Did you join a blm movemnet then get beat up afterwards. Did they leave you in a state of confusion? Come to the states and refer to yourself as colored then spout about David duke racist rhetoric :laughing: You sound way passed confused. What racism have you experienced in Brazil to neg you up to the "colored folk!" Status ?
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  2. I live in the states and I don't hate myself or my race. I simply believe "the white man putting us down" is simply B.S.

    I dont believe I group mentaility, I belive in an individual mentaility. Work hard, pull ur self from the bootstrap.

    Typical I'm being labeled a sellout to my race by being called "uncle ruckus".

    Who's the real abuser?

    All for being fair and applying critical thinking and logic lmao.

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  3. You defiantly hate yourself, why even brig that up? Sad to see people be so overwhelmed by hate they bring it into their own heart. You have the nerve to call yourself colored then spout a Klan members logic. I also edited the post, I was going to say something more insulting. I'm sure you don't tell your friends about your obsession with a racist. Or do you exclusively hang out with your own? Wait... you can't do that spouting racist rhetoric. Hell, you can't even hang out with your idol duke? And I'm sure you would have fit in with the tiki torch crew ;) looks like there were plenty of brown people there. Hopefully you're only here for the summer and will be heading back to Brazil,wear a David duke shirt and see how well that goes over.
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  4. LOL.

    You have an active imaginations. All this hysteria, those mind games don't work on me my friend. May I ask you a question:

    Have you ever given Dr. Duke a listen?

    Dr. Duke is such a racist and horrible followers yet his books are one of the world most best selling, translated into so many different languages of all ethnic backgrounds. He's been invited to speak all over the world.

    Yet, I have to be ashamed for discussion my appreciation for an intellectual person of Dr. Duke on the premise you've heard "very bad bad things about him"

    You seem to be the kind of person that believes and traffic in gossip. lol
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  5. We are most defiantly not friends, wouldn't be caught anywhere near you. You'd be a danger to be around. Funny I've never seen him in Barnes n Noble? Plenty of text is translated to other languages...

    "Our clear goal must be the advancement of the white race and separation of the white and black races. This goal must include freeing of the American media and government from subservient Jewish interests." -David Duke

    "White people don't need a law against rape, but if you fill this room up with your normal black bucks, you would, because niggers are basically primitive animals."
    - David Duke

    I could grab more but I have a feeling you have them written in blood on your confederate flag. Im starting to think you were ran out of Brazil by your community.
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  7. well me being from the deep south.....and i fly a confederate flag in my front yard... and have one in the back window of my truck. i believe i can tell you whats going on. and it may be harsh.. but the truth is best taken with no sugar added to it,

    ....the white man is fed up with all this multi-cultural bullshit....removing our history. because it may offend a few....a group spurting lyrics that only a black life matters....and at thier rallies beating up a citizen just because he's white.....and then he has to hear of a group of black guy's kidnapping a disabled white dude. and forcing him to deny his own race...

    ive not seen a bunch of white people at a A.B.L.M. protest arguing with thier message,,,why would they show up ? we all know how the nights going to end... a bunch of businesses burnt down. cars set on fire, and looting in the streets, and proablly some gun-fire.....

    ,, but when the white man group shows up to declare what they may be proud of,,and to voice thier opinoin on things they may be upset with. they are met with '' protest '' ...and to tell you the truth.. what makes him more mad than anything... is to see white people on the other side..... race traitors.......

    you know... if white racism was so bad. then where was the klan during the past 8 years of OBAMA ? and at some of his rallies where were the WHITE PROTESTERS.....the alt-right. the supremisit's.....the klan....and whatever other name you want to list them under,,,,,, THEY WERENT THERE......because most of them understand and abide by our election progress,,,,

    you'll also notice that all this shit dont happen in the deep dirty south,,,,because the protestors know that as soon as they raised thier A.B.L.M. sign in the air,,, they's get thier teeth knocked in,,,,,

    aint it funny how the region where slavery was at it's worst is the place where race relations is at it's best,,,,

    what happens up north dont effect us down here.... it just shows the ignorance and unabedience of the northern states,

    what happened in virginia is FLAG-FOOTBALL compared to the same incident if it happened down here....

    and do we really need to fight among ourselves....shit us all being in the dark. and at war with n. korea and the world,,,, is on the horizon.......we got more important issues to look at,,,,

    if we do go in the dark from a E.M.P.,,,,, i guess the south will rebuild this country. because the north.. has it's head in the sand,
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  8. You haven't seen white people support BLM? I see it all the time. As well as Asian Americans and Hispanic Americans. Funny that a group whose message certain people insist is racist garners support from all races. Yet white nationalism is strictly about white superiority and separatism.

  9. I bet that person holding the "stop the violence" sign probably has a sign that says "stomp nazis" or something like that.
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  10. I misspoke. Any implication that it was limited to the meme section was regrettable.
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  11. They shouldn't fight each other they should unite and fight the government together and then fight it out between em. Or just live peacefully together. What am dreaming again it seems America is about to enter another civil war.
  12. The left and right are antithetical.
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  13. Let's see if it gets prosecuted as terrorism. Goodness knows that it would be if the person were a Muslim.

    Maybe his family should be prosecuted and deported as well.
  14. i guess you didnt read my whole post..... yes ive seen the white people at a A.B.L.M. protest...... those people are seen by some as RACE-TRAITORS... as i stated,,,

  15. it wouldnt surprise me...... didnt they say that at the time TIMOTHY LeVEY bombed the f.b.i. bulding that he was seen with 2 men. who looked hispanic or of middle eastern origin,????
  16. by some? How do you feel about them?
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  17. TIMOTHY LeVAY? You seem really well informed on this topic. Please tell us more about where you did your resurch.
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