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  1. ok, idk how well this would work.. but i was smokin a cig walking the dog thinking..

    what if..(uh oh a what if)... i got a medical grow card in cali. sold to the patients or dispensaries or w.e.. at the same time growing hemp. (is that legal?) and using the money i make from said medical sales. to fund a business that turns the hemp into slipper/shoes for kids in africa..

    idk i think it would work.
  2. that sounds like a great idea. how much hemp do you need to grow to make one pair of shoes though? do some research man it sounds like it could be your lives work if you're good at it. giving people the medicine they need and children shoes all from the same miracle plant
  3. You could do similar charity in any business, really. It's just a choice to sacrifice your own luxuries for the subsistence of others.

    If you have that sentiment, then you definitely have my support. :wave:
  4. yeah man thats what im saying.

    i get to grow an amazing plant.

    medicate patients.

    put shoes on kids feet. i saw in a headshop. with and acre of hemp you can make a house or something. it was nuts.
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    with hemcrete
    Hemcrete®: Carbon Negative Hemp Walls | Inhabitat
    the most amazing shit to hit the construction industry since steel

    The strength and flexibility means that hemp foundations are resistant to stress-induced cracking and breaking, even in earthquake-prone areas. The building material also is self-insulating; resistant to rotting, rodents and insects; and fireproof, waterproof and weather resistant
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    how old / stoned are you?

    no, it wouldnt

    not unless you're talking about stiching some stuff together by hand and upsing it to some random youngster in africa

    maybe if you worked rediculously hard and got rediculously lucky you might be able to keep the bank from taking your house when you start owing them shitloads of money

    manufacturing anything on any sort of large scale (lets say large enough to get a foothold in africa....) costs shitloads of money
    pm me if you really want to know about my personal experience in manufacturing of simple goods (textiles and printing)

    you'd essentially have three businesses
    a marijuana growing operation
    a textile factory/ hemp processing facility

    and a multinational charity

    if you really want this young man, go at it, hoss

    but if you're thinking this is something you think you can jump into on any sort of scale i think you're going to need to head back to the drawing board.
  7. what the fuck?

    what would it matter how fuckin old i am. im 19. do you even understand what im saying?

    the only money funding it is the money from the medical grow. i have a job already set, and i dont need to worry about a bank taking my house.. and, im not that stoned.

    its amazing how much people assume over the internet its ridiculous! im not fucking talking about building a god damn hemp empire for africa. it was an idea, not a business plan. but thanks for your advice anyway.
  8. Hey Blunt, I think this is a good idea with great intentions. It's so fucking stupid that hemp cultivation is illegal. There's no THC!!! You're a kind soul for trying to spread some love and charity....:wave:
  9. come to maine, man. we have medical marijuana and a legal hemp industry.
  10. i wouldnt mind maine at all. one girl i know there is suuper fuckin cool. and have some fam out there..

    decent music school too.
  11. that is probably the best idea ive heard in a long time. i say go for it balls to the wall, its gotta start somewhere. good luck with it! and just think about it, when the aliens come to destroy everything that man has made, youll be set for the clothes issue.
  12. haha. dude i was just walking thinking about my shitty shoes. then bam. its a win/win/win. cuz i qualify for medical as well. (tremors and nerve damage)

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