Charity gives disabled Iraq vet a home; takes it away after he's busted for pot

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  1. Thats fucked up.
  2. That is overboard in my opinion. I love how 2-5 lbs turned into less than a pound though...

  3. Thats messed up dude... kinda ironic how the actual fucking ironic how a cop arrested a soldier though rofl to bad that soldier has put his ass on the line and that cop probably hasn't done shit besides marijuana arrests and speeding tickets
  4. This is utterly shocking, F'in wow. By the way, how in the hell did the cop report to find 2.5 pounds of weed that turned out to be less than 12 ounces. Does anyone else find this very strange??? there is quite a difference between 40 ounces and 12!?!?!?! No idea wtf is up with that, but it is mighty wierd.

    "He reported finding 2.5 pounds of marijuana in several containers, a scale and several pipes. (It would later be determined the actual amount of marijuana was less than 12 ounces.)"

    Also, I believe the dude that he didn't know. Surely if he knew what was up, he would have driven a truck with headlights and license plates.

    If you lose your legs fighting for the country, not only should you be allowed to dank it up, the govt should bring it to you with a big thank you weekly.
  5. "hey guys, lets go pick up 12 zips"

    "yeah! sounds great! let's take my new truck that doesn't have license plates!"

    "ok! that's a really good idea! we could drive without headlights too!"

    I just have to wonder how the fuck that went down, and how the fuck that guy never got in trouble before...

    That said, if i met the guy responsible for double-crossing a permanently disabled veteran of a war that shouldn't have happened anyway, the arresting officers would think i was on pcp when i killed that mufucka.
  6. Hmmm im not sure who to blame here..[​IMG]
  7. Wow. That's ridiculous and unfortunate.
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    He should never have consented to a search based on "odor". And never, ever take a scale with you, when you are carrying on the road...the guy's a moron if he did, but still its a raw deal on losing the house.

    This sure sounds like a rip-off, and I hope his attorney is going to ask to see all the evidence they seized, produced physically at the trial.

    But being a veteran is certainly no guarantee of innocence, I've met a lot of dealers from the armed services, in fact, he admits to beginning his usage, while in the service. Army drug rings are a dime a dozen. (not that there's anything wrong with that)

    Its just sad that Vets don't all get standard issue MMJ cards with their discharge papers, imo.
  9. This seriously pisses me off. I have the utmost respect for all veterans, and for these assholes to take away this guys dream because of 12 ounces of pot? Fuck them. This guy lost his two legs fighting, risking his life for our country, and he gets fucked over. The assholes that took away his house should go fight in Iraq then, let them have bullets and roadside bombs blowing up by their face, and then take away this guys house.
  10. Fuck cops, there are a few good ones but most are trigger-happy dicks that like power, fuck cops.
  11. The comments are what extremely piss me off.

    "12 ounces of marijuana is not a purchase for personal use. A kilo is 35.2 ounces, so he was nailed with a THIRD OF A KILO! That's not personal use, that's a home-based business."

    Please, will someone just get rid of idiots like this?

  12. Trust me, we do. :)
  13. ill 2nd this.
  14. and unfortunately i will not be surprised if in the next 2 week, the news report is said ex armed forces member busted with 12 ounces of weed earlier this month, commits suicide....:mad:
  15. This seriously makes me really sad. The man lost his god damn legs fighting for our country and he gets screwed over for pot. wow. And i agree it obviously wasn't the smartest to be drivin around with bud, no headlights on, no tags, and a scale. But as the article states, he was a rook smoker. Whatever though, none of that really matters. And the fact that hes a pizza delivery guy with little hopes of school and children now saddens me.

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