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Charity and a rant, but mostly charity

Discussion in 'General' started by KraziHare, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. Whatever you do this Christmas try to give someone something for free. Give some money to a homeless guy, even if he's just gonna buy liqour, why shouldn't he have booze for the holidays? Give some food to a food pantry, or give some clothes to the salvation army (that's probably the easiest and most helpful thing to do). And if you have the time read my rant below :) merry x mas


    This morning I went to the store to pick myself up some eggs 'n corned beef hash. All I wanted was to get my food and go make my breakfast of hash'neggs. Once I got there I realized that I was 20 cents short of the cash I needed to buy said breakfast, which wasn't right. I've bought the same breakfast dozens of times (cheap and good) and it was always the same amount, $3.09, but now it was 3.29!!! Okay, this makes sense since the economy's been pretty bad lately...but then I noticed another thing....the hash was only 15 .oz!!! For years I had been eating my one pound cans of hash without a care but suddenly they were skimming an oz of meat and 'tatoes from my greasy cat food like meals, and charging me more for it!

    It's the same old thing; prices get higher and jobs stay the same. I can afford a 15 oz, $1.39 can of good 'ol hash but if they keep skimming it and keep raising the prices, and at the same time I can't get payed more for doing the same job, how am I supposed to live? I swear, people read Dicken's books and watch their little cartoon movies where grinches and heat misers steal who hash and try to kill santa clause but they just don't link it to today's world. In 'A Christmas Carol' Scrooge says that he shouldn't give his hard earned money to feed the destitute because it would only help bloat up the population. To him and people like him the poor working class truly were cattle, and it's no different today. Everywhere there are Grinches just waiting to get their slimy lecherous hands on your who hash, just waiting to squeeze every little meat nub out of your can...

    ...well I say no more!!!

    We shall rise up against the scrooge/grinch oligarchy! No more will they be able to pluck our lights and sheister our roast beast! Never again shall they live lives of greed only to be redeemed by a single night with a bunch of dead people!

    This Christmas I'm going to try my hardest not to let their grubby hands on my money, my who hash will be mine or I'll have to take drastic measures to show who's who hash it really is. Every extra cent of mine is going to feed the needy this year.

    Now, if you've actually read all that you get to start on the task of figuring out whether or not I meant this to be taken seriously :D

    Okay, really I'm just trying to say that we all need to help those less fortunate. If you're a millionaire go build some schools or something, if you're a one legged crack fiend lend your prosthetic limb to your no legged crack fiend buddy--it doesn't matter.

    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I was thinking damn that's a lot of hash. Then I realized you weren't talking about the stuff you smoke. lol
  3. same thing happend to alchole where I live First they raised the price like $1to5 for all alchole and now they have reduced the alchole percentage in all rtd's it is bullshit I will have to brew my own
  4. My boyfriend and I are both getting free Christmas hams this year...since my mom already bought one we're giving both of ours to Water Street Rescue Mission. Unfortunately, we're both too poor to do much more than that.
  5. i know money is tight for a lot of people. especially around the holidays. now you can turn that frown upside down with http://www.digitalcharity.com :)

    on a serious note: check it out. it'll make you feel good.
  6. Don't give free shit to bums! That only encourages their behavior. Donate some money to some poor kids who didn't choose to be born into poverty.

  7. lol, and as we all know most homeless people are that way because they don't want to work :rolleyes:

    I'm sorry but that's ignorant, I was nearly homeless as a child multiple times and my mom worked her ass off
  8. so what u were saying then krazi, was a promotion of responsable consumerism?

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