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Charging my new 2700 NiMh MFLB batteries.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bobby82, May 13, 2011.

  1. Can I use the MFLB charger? :):smoke:

    Thanks guys :wave:

  2. a charger is a charger. go for it

  3. But different chargers give out different power.
  4. the whole purpose is to charge until the battery is full, higher mAh rating just means it has more juice for longer use

    yes it will work
  5. the mflb charger is good, the manual actually shows how long it takes certain strength batterys to charge
  6. Thanks guys. Very helpful.:wave:
  7. Yes, you should be able to. Have fun! Ps I just ordered my MFLB today..... EXCITED xD. Also, did you order the specific MFLB batteries or peeled your own?
  8. It will work, but generally a better/more expensive charger will make those batteries even stronger.
    But it should be good enough with the regular charger.
  9. how many batteries do people think it's good to have with a MFLB? I'm thinking about ordering oine soom.
  10. Where can I order cheap replacement batteries?

  11. Hey guys,
    I ordered 2700 NiMh batteries off of for $18. It came with 4 rechargable batteries and yes i peeled the stickers off.

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