charged with possession of a controlled substance...but i had no weed! ***long read..

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    don't know what to expect now but I'm 100% sure I didn't do anything wrong...besides smoking weed.

    I live in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. (07/2012), 5 of my friends and I were all hanging out for the first time in a while because of the surprisingly warm weather. We went to a local park to sit on the rocks next to the lake and just relax. Keep in mind this park is freaking huge and there is nobody near us. I had a joint that I rolled from the night before and brought it with me to surprise my friends. We smoked it and sat there for maybe an hour after it was finished. We were getting ready to leave and that's when my best friend said, "Man ,there are cops here. Yeah, they're coming towards us.".

    Whatever though, we have nothing to hide anyway. We were minding our own business, just enjoying our high and the nice weather. There were two cops inside this cruiser and he comes barreling down the grass and parks their cruiser directly infront of a large tree, inches away from it. Like fucking Robocop, this tall motherfucker leaps out the car and charges right at me. "HANDS OUT OF YOUR POCKET!" (My hands are always in my pocket, it was warm but not warm enough for your hands not to get cold after a while). I'm thinking, "Whoa, what the hell?" and I comply with everything he said. He immediately began going through my jacket pockets, my pants pockets, unbuttoning my shirt and checking my undershirt, feeling my ankles, sticking his hand in my hood, etc etc etc. "Where are you from. I've seen you before" What the fuck? This cop has never seen me before because I've never been in trouble with the law, EVER. I said, "You've never seen me before...why are you lying?" He didn't respond to that. He asked me where the weed was and I kept telling him I don't have any. Why would I be sitting here in the open with a lot of weed? That doesn't make sense at all.

    The cop wasn't buying it. He finds my grinder that I had in my pocket (forgot it was there) and I literally bought it yesterday morning in anticipation to toke up with my best friends for the first time in months. You know when you use a grinder, obviously tiny bits and pieces get left behind. TINY, practically unsmokeable, useless bits of cannabis was left behind. You get the idea. He takes me to the side and asks me where's the rest of the weed. "I don't HAVE any!", I pleaded over and over again. He still wouldn't buy it. He opens my grinder and says, "THEN WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!?". Honestly, I tried to see what he was seeing but I just couldn't. There was nothing there. A few specs of green here and there, but that's what happens when you use a grinder. Don't you have to have a barefaced amount? Something that is to be weighed? You couldn't even remove it from the grinder to weigh it, God damnit.

    I told him "that's nothing. Seriously, you're making a big deal about sprinkles of weed?". He held this apprehensive expression on his face as if I wasn't supposed to talk...then slides my grinder in his pocket.The other cop then asked my other friends if I had any marijuana, they said no. Then I said, "I really don't, or else I wouldn't be here on my own accord.". Both of the officers flip the fuck out like I just killed their mother. "What the fuck did you say? I had enough of you talking, you annoying motherfucker!" says Robocop. "You're under arrest. Hands behind your back." He proceeds to handcuff me and I ask him why are you arresting me?, "Because you're too fucking lippy, you think you know everything"..........WHAT?! Because I was exercising my right of freedom of Speech? They both bring me BEHIND the police car and frisk me some more. They remove my wallet, empty it and probe it then emptied my pockets of everything and put it on the trunk.

    They tell me to get into the back seat, so I did. Now while they cuffed me, my handcuffs were set way too tight. It was tight till I began feeling pins and needles in my 8 fingers and my thumbs were jammed. He kept them on for over 20 minutes at least. They both began interrogating me for 15 minutes or so. Everytime I would answer honestly, Robocop's buddy would say things like, "This guy is a fucking idiot.", "He's so fucking annoying.", "Wow, yeah, he's annoying the shit out of me, dude.". So I asked him, "Excuse me, but I can't think straight right now. My hands are really hurting. Do you mind loosening these cuffs?" but they wouldn't. They both told me to shut up because I'm under arrest.

    We brought two cars there because one of my friends came and met up with us after we got there. Then the cops began to search both of the vehicles, what the **fuck**? My friend who owns the car said, "h, do you have a warrant?" The cop replies, "Do you want to end up like your friend here in handcuffs?". My friend got scared and didn't say anything after. We just watched them ravage through both cars while other cops came by, checked out what was going on and left.

    I forgot to add something: **When they searched us, including the cars and found nothing, they turned their attention to this group of skaters that happened to be near by and one cop yelled, "Were you guys smoking weed or was it these guys?!" The skaters paused and some of them pointed at us. The cop wasn't even SURE if it was us or not. WTF!!**

    Now this just crossed the line: after he searched my best friends car, he left the keys on the seat and locked the fucking doors. He came back inside the police cruiser and said, "Hahahahaha, uh...the keys are locked inside the car. I...locked the car keys inside the car." Robocop looks at him funny and says, "So? Ha-Ha!" (Like Nelson from the Simpsons). So I asked both of them, "Are you going to call CAA for my friend so he can get his keys out?". Both cops reply, "No, you can do that." I was so fucking outraged and confused.

    Now they finally release my cuffs. Robocop actually gasped when he took my handcuffs off and when I heard him gasp, I was frightened and instinctively tried to turn around and examine my wrists, but HE WOULDN'T LET ME! He said, "I didn't tell you to turn around!" But what the FUCK?! My cuffs are off, why can't I turn around to see my own wrists? Then under his breath I heard him murmur, "You're gonna take a picture of that." I had to stay standing with my arms still in handcuffed position for a full 5 minutes at least. You damn right I was going to take photos. But it would have been in his better interest to let me go after he released the cuffs me. He then throws my belongings at my chest and they got in their crusier, waited for us to leave and followed us out the park for 1 kilometer. Unbelievable...Now I have to go to court on April 12th, 2012 at 9:00am.

    Here are my wrists 5 minutes after he took off the cuffs, [​IMG]

    My skin is a darker shade of brown (I'm black, duh) so you can't really see red marks or the bruising but it's there. Hours later, my wrists are still hurting like hell. My job requires a lot of flexibility with my hands and even now I'm having trouble with the small amounts of strain on my wrists when I lift stuff. help me, what should I do? There is not a twist in this story whatsoever, only the truth. Honesty is the best policy. Now I'm left with a charge, an injury and less trust in my local law enforcement. What do I do?
  2. Boo fuckin hoo
  3. Ouch. Fuck those cops... I believe there has got to be some sort of way to report the department for... that.

    Forgive me, I am not sober. My advice is only half thought out.
  4. Lawyer up man. fuck those crooked ass cops
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    Are you kidding?

    But op you did have bud in the grinder. Even if it was a minuscule amount its still weed
  6. A grinder is enough to get you introuble but shitty how that shit happened
  7. show love or get out

    but for OP that sucks man i hope shit works out for yea and dam he musta had those cuffs hella tight

  8. wtf? for real? I was told by officers in the past that it has to weigh something. The amount in the grinder is the size of your fingernail.

    What a joke...
  9. Show that pic to the judge just for the hell of it. Might help your case.
  10. No way this happened in Mississauga, I live there and the cops are chill about it and where did this happen?

  11. Streetsville...

    I was near a lake chilling around some huge rocks.
  12. Are you sure this happened in Canada and not in Texas?
  13. [ame=]Bummer, man. - YouTube[/ame]

  14. lol...I wish I can say it wasn't Canada...
  15. wow dude fuck that im in new york and they were staking out this one dudes house we just got from and then 3 cars surround us and jump out with their hands on their guns lolol. had 2 grams of weed and a bubbler full of hash.

    the cop had me get in his undercover car, tried to get me to snitch, i refused and told him to stop asking. he wrote me an apperance ticket and let me leave 5 minutes later. even let me smoke a cig lol.

    no cuffs or back of a police car lol.
  16. [quote name='"Lifted"']Boo fuckin hoo[/quote]

    Go fuck yourself. :D
  17. Unreal man. As a fellow Ontarian, this is disgusting and I never thought I would hear about that here.

    Reminds me of the sad fact that these people are here to enforce the law, NOT "serve and protect". Disgusting. Those piggy ass bitches had nothing better to do that day apparently.

  18. You're kidding, right? How the hell can you not know this?

    You do know that you can be charged with possession for a tarred-up piece, right? Technically the tar in most people's pieces wouldn't weigh very much.

    A friend of mine got charged for possession one time for a tooth pick that was caked in tar. He used it for his bowl whenever it got clogged.

    Weed, in any form, in any amount, is illegal. If it's visible, it weighs something.

  19. No, that is not true. Maybe where you're from but not in Ontario, Canada. I don't think they're going to waste their time for weed the size of your fingernail that's stuck to a grinder.
  20. i know here in the states if its testable, its arrestable!

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