Charged with possesion under 40 grams: WA STATE!

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  1. anyways, just got busted by the cops. I am attending WWU in Washington State and I just got fucked.

    I live in the dorms and my girl came up for the weekend. WE got into an arguement, cops were called, and I ended up being charged with possesion of under 40 grams.

    I need some advice.. This is my first time being in trouble with the law, and I am not sure what to do. Do you think I can get this charge defered? Should I get a lawyer or would a public defender be ok? I really don't even know what to do..

    Thanks for your time and attention. I really do not want to get my father involved with this because it will make the situation worse. He just found out I smoke last week so this really really sucks.
  2. I thought Seattle no longer charged people with possession? I think you're just in for a fine.
  3. Seattle still charges people, its just that it as been made a low priority. So unless you are frolicking through the city throwing dank nugz at people you should be ok. But cities have limits and WWU is in Everett if I remember correctly...

    Anyways I don't know what you should do man. Try calling norml and asking them, they will probably give at least basic advice like whether or not to use a public defender...

    Good Luck
  4. whats good bro. aye man washington is going through some fucking bullshit. it seems that the feds are acctually fighting back because they are scared that this petition that is close to the 250k , might acctually make voting for legalization in washington a possibility. they are scared lol im sorry to hear about the bullshit you went through, but soon all will change. they are cracking on hella dispensarys that they think are sketch. the ads on craigslist look super sketchy too people saying they r selling weed n shit on there. FUCK THE POLICE!

    EDIT:sorry no advice i just got pumped up readin the title
  5. as your attorney i advise you to secure your own attorney...
  6. well thanks for the advice. I called an attorney and he gave me a bit of advice as well. WWU is in Bellingham for those who wondered. I just really don't know about all this bullshit.

    I should be able to get it defered based on what the attorney said so that definitely puts my mind at ease.

    I really don't want to tell my dad but I guess I really should. Hmmmm shit
  7. Rules in order for dealing with the law:

    1. Keep your mouth shut
    2. Hire the best attorney possible
    3. You can get off in most cases

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    Get a attorney preferable one who was a former prosecutor. They have prosecuted many and know how to beat the amateur defense attorney.

    Criminal Law - Legal Help

    Good luck friend, Telling your father may be a good thing he loves you and wants you to succeed in life we all make mistakes. We must limit the ramifications of our errors of being human, as we all know none of us has not been in trouble to varying degrees many vary but we all make mistakes and we must be contrite and face them pay the price if necessary and move on positivity in our lives.

    Best wishes friend
  9. WWU represent! You should be able to get off with less than a slap on the wrist from the law if you handle it right, but IDK about what the Uni will do. Do you know if you're gonna have to take the ADCAS class now? Are you gonna get kicked outta the dorms?
  10. Not sure what is gonna happen through the school. I will probably be ok but I am sure I will have to take the class
  11. I'm from Bellingham to haha, some of my friends are going to WWU next year. :)
  12. messed up shit.

    and if that bitch didnt come to your dorm

    women. some just so difficult
  13. Sorry to hear about that man, I was there for 2.5 years before I transferred back to PA. Had it not happened on campus you probably wouldn't have ended up in this situation. By chance were you living in the dorms on the Sub-free side of campus?

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