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Characteristics of Kush?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Smoke dat salad, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. What are well know characteristics of kush? How can you tell different kinds of Kush? Also what are some characteristics of sativa dominant strains and indica dominant strains. Thanks guys :confused:
  2. Kush is genetically an indica dominant strain and therefore you should feel that when you smoke it. If you've been around enough of it you can also notice its smell and possibly appearance, but generally your best bet is to just smoke it.
  3. i usually know it by its smell...other than that big body high
  4. And I notice a lot of kush has a sort of a compacted look to it..
  5. I've noticed kush is kind of fruity tasting when you blow the smoke out
  6. when you smoke kush, it will feel cleaner, smoother, and it will smell like a skunk sprayed literally. but its not so strong and it kinda smells good cuz its like weed too, idk haha but it smells skunky thats for sure.

    and the high will last longer fer sure.

  7. Yes, and to add on to what Blunt said, "Kush" is a indica marijuana strain from afghanistan and the Hindu Kush mountain ranges. It tends to have a musky scent to it that is very heavy. It's a predominantly common form of Cannabis.
  8. There's no way to tell for sure unless you know the bud's genetic background.
  9. pungent smell, very noticable triachombs(sp?), no seeds.
  10. who cares just smoke it lol what r u a weed snob?lol u only smoke certain strains of weed?
  11. Very distinctive taste, as in much different then any other types of dank, such as higher quality sour diesel, or green crack. My main dank dealer get's a steady supply of various combination's of kush ( Purple, OG, Bubba, Master, Afghan. All of which share the same distinctive taste, but with slight to major differences depending on which strain's are being compared. ), from the same online supplier for about 2 year's now, and I have definitely acquired a recognizable knowledge of the taste and high of the strain.

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