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Discussion in 'General' started by Xavior, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. who else watches this show? its fk'ng hilarious


    my fav quote: "im rick james, bitch"
  2. i'm rick james, bitch!
  3. the best part's when Rick James says 'i got more sense to just rub my feet all over his couch' immediately followed by 'yea i rubbed my feet on his couch.'

    (took me so long to write, i'm so high)
  4. I like clayton bigsby. black white supremicist. I am not racist but i live in the south and i see racism from both sides alot and i think it is funny and cool that chapelle can just make jokes about it and not take ignorance so seriously.
    I also like the samual jackson beer comercial.
  5. the Niggar family was funny as hell...daves the man.cant wait for half baked 2
  6. my fav is the magic camera he gets at a chinese pawn shop like in the movie gremlins. half baked 2 is coming out? huh? details please!!
  7. Dave chappelle is a pretty funny guy but i think he takes racial humor too far. His whole show is pretty much just making fun of "white" and "black" culture. but its funny nonetheless. My favorite parody was Mad Real World.
    "Tyree you stabbed my dad!" heh
  8. the black white supremisist was funny as hell. he's in the truck and yells "turn that music down! damn niggas" and then the white guys go "did he just call us niggas? cool!"

    haha 300th post
  9. "Fuck your couch n***a!" - that is the funniest shit ever, we love that show here...
  10. or when he was going through the different stages of his life, and he rolls up in an SUV thats sooo hotboxed you cant see him till he tolls down his window and goes "Hey hey hey, smoke weed every day!"

  11. hahaha yeh - and he said he did it cause eddie murphy could just buy another one, hehe.
  12. this is honestly the funniest show i have ever watched. i dunno im blazed right now but dude dave chapelle is a fucking genius. he needs to fight some ninjas like that one time when he fought ninjas.

    fuck...anyway im out pace
  13. i have my MythTV box set up to record it every wednesday night. i love the Charlie Murphy True Hollywood Stories episode.

    i think they might do a second skit of the Racial Draft, cuz some people didn't get picked, like Michael Jackson and Halle Berry. "Good bye fried rice, hello fried chicken"

    "<clears throat>Excuse me, white man trying to talk here. This is a bunch of malarky." "::cough::cracka::cough::" "Real mature, Rondell. Silencio."

  14. <- - - already has season one on dvd...:D

    it was either dave or curb your enthusiasm (Sp??)

    dave always seems to make me laugh a lil bit harder...

    like new internet skit... hilarious... :)
  15. i bought curb your enthusiasm season 1 a few weeks ago. that show rocks.

    i might get chappelle's show season 1 this weekend, its only $19.99, right?

  16. lil john skit was hilarious





  17. Game. Blouses

    chappelles show is easily the funiest show ive seen ever...
    there are so many amendements in the constitution of the united states i plead the fif *boom boom* i plead the fif
  18. god damnit, i tried ALL OVER to get season one dvd set today, but every single store is sold out. fuck fuck fuck.


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