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Discussion in 'General' started by Jack_Herrer, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. who watches this show? it's freakin halarious even if i'm not baked.
  2. fuck yo couch nigga
  3. This bores me, anyone up for a game of basketball
  4. ::floats down from hoop::

    game blouses.
  5. ^^^ haaaaaaa
  6. that nelson mandella skit had me rolling on the floor. that and "I'M RICK JAMES, BITCH!"
  7. Those are all great, but I liked the Reparations Checks one from the first season.

    "Sir, since you got your reparations will you still be driving this truck?"
    "I aint no truck driver. I'm a janitor. I bought this truck straight up cash, I got enough cigarettes to last me and my family for LIFE! I'm rich biatch!"

  8. little tidbit of info... the line "I'm rich biatch!" from that sketch is used at the end of every show when they show the splash screens of the production studios or wutever they are (the pic w/ chappelle in handcuffs holding money).

    season 1: i liked the R.Kelly sketches in episode 10.
    season 2: i liked Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories


  9. haha, the one about r kelly was sooo funny

    i watched the HBO dvd, its a must see for all stoners
  10. I liked the one from the first season where the kid has cancer and dave comes in and beats his ass at street hoops on playstation.

    "Nurse, could you come in here, quickly...Billy is getting his ass whipped on Street hoops and I need a witness."
  11. the gay KKK from the new one was also funny
  12. haha yea the gay america thing las night was funny as hell, especially the black dude dancin across the lawn mowing grass haha, that shit had me crackin up
  13. Here's your license plate: "Ass Milk"
  14. The black mans always innocent one was funny as shit.

    Lol, when he pisses from the witness stand.
  15. hahaha its fucking hilarious in the charlie murphy's true hollywood stories when he kicks rick james into the mirror buahaha, I think i'm gonna watch that episode again for like the 500th time right now :D
  16. It's called crack. It's great! And it's so simple to make! All you need is cocaine, baking soda and I think I tasted egg and cinnamon.

  17. lmao

    he lays down like hes going to sleep, then 4 seconds later "is it morning yet?!"
  18. dave chapelle smokes right?

  19. finally somebody sayid that... dude was like "...and that was the first time i sucked dick for crack....but it wouldnt be the last" talking to like 6 year olds

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