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  1. Whats going on everyone, my seedlings are getting to their 3rd set of true leaves so I figured I would start a new thread for the grow. I am vegging out 4 Trainwreck and 4 White Rhino feminized seeds from Greenhouse. I will take 2-3 clones from each before I put them into bud so I can decide the mother after I taste the pot from each. I am shooting for 1-2 mothers for each strain. I will be posting pics tomorrow. Enjoy the grow everyone and a always comments/small talk are welcome.
  2. I couldn't decide between White Rhino and Purple Wreck when I was starting my grow so I'm ready for pictures, ha. Are the Trainwreck and WR going under the screen as well?
  3. Nope, my next run will be 4 Trainwreck and 4 White Rhino in the bigger HPS/UFO room with 4 Orange Bud again under the screen. I want to get myself some purplewreck as well. The reason I went with Trainwreck from the Greenhouse seeds Company is they're Trainwreck seeds are from the original clone only plant in Arcata cali. I have had this strain of Trainwreck and wanted to make sure thats what I got cause it is a sickening plant. Now I can go get some Purple Urkel male seeds and breed my own Purplewreck. Plus one of my Trainwreck seedling is already showing purple hue in the leaves so I will be taking a mother from that one for sure to breed with. Plus I want to cross Trainwreck with the better Orange Bud pheno I have to make Orange Wreck,which I think would kick ass if I find the right pheno.
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    Nothing to amazing, just cute little Indica plants. I can't wait tll they start producing full 5 pedal leaves & up. You can see the purple on the underside of only 1 of the Trainwrecks, I'm very interested in this one. Enjoy. Oh and the site wouldnt let me post the purple leaf pics cause they are in my other thread already, but here is 1 topshot each of the 8 plants for next harvest.

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  5. hey, Whats up with the purple Trainwreck????

    I thought I was the only one here with that pheno. you lucky you bastard. I hope its a girl.
    I dont know about your trainwreck gentics but mine responds to LST and topping good and there able to take alot of nutes so its safe to push em alittle harder than normal.
  6. Thanx for the info bro, I am looking really forward to seeing this one particular seedling. We shall see, but it is definetely growing way different than the rest. Its the trainwreck plant in the clay pot I think.
  7. Where are you gonna find Purple Urkel seeds?
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    There is one seedbank I saw that carries the strain now. I will just order non feminized seeds and keep a male. As long as I can remember the site, it took forever to find. I think I found it in a add in high times actually.
  9. High Chaotic!

    Nice, healthy looking plants you got there!I am looking forward for the pics from the rhino, since I just orderd them from Nirvana! :D
    Where did you got yours from? And also how old are your plants now?
    What about some pics dude?
    I`signed up!

    Make Peace, Love and Weed!
  10. The Trainwreck and White Rhino is from The greenhouse Seed Company. These pics are from day 14 (since potted & put in veg room). The 4 WR plants are all growing with exactly the same structure, I have heard there is almost no phenotype variations with Greenhouses WR genetics. i have 1 Trainwreck though that seems to be growing faster and more symmetrical structure, this is also the plant that is showing purple already. The other 3 TW plants seem to be the same pheno growing a little slower than the rest of the group. Thanks for stopping by everyone and enjoy the new pics.:cool:

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  11. thanks for the info dude!
    I hope my rhino`s will turn up half as good as yours! Got another question(s) if you don`t mind: What kind of soil do u use? have you used jiffy`s and after veg, you put them into your desired soil?
    I would love to germinate and veg. the WR exactly like you did...
    Would appreciate your answer(s)!

  12. I use rapid rooter plugs for cloning and germination most the time. I get just as good results outta jiffy peat pots and the ole moist paper towel in a ziplock method. It all depends on what I got when I decide to germinate and the mood I am in lol. I don't use any fancy soil since there is no hydro store near me and I don't feel like getting a ton of soil delivered to me U.P.S.,hehe. I use Scott's brand soil with no added nutes from Home Depot for like 10$ for 2 cubic ft, very cheap. I add about 20% mix of perlite and 5-10% worm castings. I would rather have more than less of the perlite, not an exact science really. Also make sure you don't buy Miracle Grow perlite as it has added nutes that may burn seedlings/just not good for cannabis.
  13. Thanks for your quick reply man! REP+!
    Since I live in Germany, I don`t have access to those specific soils, but i know where to get "nute-less"soil with only perlite, then I just add the worm castings myself. When do you add the first nutes to your plants, already in veg, or just in bloom?
    Thanks for the valuable tip dude!

    Pace, Love and Weed
  14. you guys should try some Skunk Train, its skunk+trainwreck, its so beastly
  15. So today I went to go check my babies, just started giving nutes and they are lovin it. When I started rifling around the leaves I got a whiff of something potent. I sat there smelling each plant and to my surprise the Trainwreck plant that is showing some purple hues is giving off a very strong smell for it's age. I usually never get much of a smell from my vegged plants without scratching the stem. Getting more excited for this shit by the day.
  16. congrats man.. can't wait to follow this all the way through... i got mad excited when the smell started to come from my baby...
  17. Nice start man, Greenhouse Seeds are awesome.
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    Haven't read the full thread yet so just ignore if this has been asked already. I'm curious if you've tried those strains before and if so, how are they? I have my finger on the 'order' button on dr c's site with those exact strains but was wanting to find some reviews before I did.

    I've had nirvana WR before and it was very good. Wanted to go with a better set of genes this time though so I'm going with GHS.

    *edit* after reading a few more reviews i just went ahead and placed an order. Now I'm all tingly. :) I'll be watching your grow for inspiration!

    I will be doing mine under a 400w hps / mh setup using DWC. I've had good results with this in the past so hopefully the better genes will make it even better. I also went with the fem seeds so hopefully no worries with males and if all goes well, no herms.

    Good luck on yours!

  19. This is my first grow with thse strain and already, in veg, they are gorgeous.
  20. In my experience the orginal trainwreck is a slow grower, dont know bout the purple strain though

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