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  1. I'm getting ready to start a new grow in a couple of weeks and I have a couple of questions. I did a bubble bucket last time and while it was rather simple, I definitely had trouble changing the reservoir once the plant grew and the roots filled the bucket. Does anyone have any tips to make res changing easier especially in the later stages? For that matter, what hydroponic method could eliminate this problem all together? I'm a little apprehensive about using other methods besides DWC, but I'm willing to try. Thanks for your help GC!
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     Hey there brother.. Not long started my self in a single bucket dwc and my rez changes are as follows: a spare bucket is a must for rez change, you can either mix all up in your spare bucket then just swap over your lid and airlines or if you've plenty of time swap out your lid into the spare bucket til hold your plant while you wash out your grow bucket, mix all up again and replace the lid back on your grow bucket filled up with a fresh batch of nutes..
    as for other methods if it we're me changing over it would be till flood and drain recirculating system..
    Ain't saying this is concrete advice just sharing what works for me..Happy Growing
  3. chronichaze1, thanks for your reply! I have always used a spare bucket to hold the lid with the plant while I rinse out and mix the new soup. The problem I have is that this gets more difficult once the plant grows big. I'm debating whether I should build a recirculating DWC or go ebb and flow, both of which have a separate reservoir. My plan is to have a perpetual harvest of a single plant strictly for personal use. 
  4. I always had a clean dry bucket to set the plant in while I dumped and scrubbed the bubble bucket. Just pull it from your bubble bucket, set it into the empty bucket and then switch back

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  5. Willfargo, thanks for the reply! The problem I have with moving the plant around is that it's not practical for a stationary trellis. I think I'm going to try my hand at keeping a mother and flowering clones in a fogponic pvc pipe set up. This way I can use a reliable support structure. Thanks for your help fellas! Here's a pic of the future mother who just popped up this morning!!!
  6. if you have an inline water pump sitting around, simply stick one end of the hose into the bucket, stick the other end of the hose into your bathroom, turn the sucker on and sit around while the water is extracted for you. fill it up, mix up nutes, you're all set!
  7. Thanks for the advice dishphead, that makes sense. Using a pump to vacuum it up is probably the most practical way of doing it. I'm trying my hand at fogponics for flowering. Check out my setup in the grow room/design sub forum. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  8. Those dry/wet submersible pumps are very helpful. I picked mine up from my local hydro store for about $20.
  9. I just installed a ball valve at the bottom of my bucket. Not only does it make res changes easier, it makes it easier to test PPM and PH. I just dump a little in a cup, test it, and pour it back in the top. Easy peasy.
  10. Great ideas here! I've been looking at ball valves at home depot, I just might have to pick one up along with a inline pump. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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