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  1. wat can a normal person do or study for to change the laws in the us and mexico bout legalizing drugs in general???????
  2. is every body lawsless smart??haha
  3. not just weed all drugs ..... i have a dream kinda stuff..
  4. It's not going to happen, it's hard enough trying to get a plant that grows naturally decriminalized never mind drugs cut with gasoline and baking soda, sorry man.
  5. it would tottally change the world and open a whole new world of mentality
  6. or make a world full of fiends constantly hurting one another for the next hit...
  7. actually those who want to do heroin and other drugs do them if they want no matter what the laws say. we are making criminals out of people who are sick with addiction who probably use to get rid of the pain of their lives. If it doesent affect anyone else directly the world doesnt have the right to tell you that you cant. prohibition doesent get rid of the drugs it just makes criminals out of people who are not.
  8. i say leave the harder artificial drugs out... its basicly a mass murder with no punishable person other then the dealer. if anything keep things natural.
  9. wat bout all the cartels and stuff? thats the only way to stop them
  10. if you make every drug legal it will be socially accepted to smoke crack and do heroin because it's "legal". then people would think oh i guess they legalized it , it must not be THAT bad (yeah some people are that retarded) some people would start to try it, and we'd have a bunch more crack heads for real.
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    This also^

    While there is validity to the first half of what you're saying brentmoses, I have to disagree with the second part. Yes I think it is complete bullshit if you get busted for like a gram of bud somewhere where cannabis has not been decriminalized and are then treated like a criminal, but in no way does that justify mIdnite ToKa's idea to legalize ALL drugs (emphasis on the fact that it is HIS idea because I'm not assuming you agree with him in the least) Often times those who struggle with drug abuse DO directly affect the lives of those who don't. At least by making hard drugs illegal there is some incentive NOT to use them. Totally not trying to start an argument you, just trying to add a little perspective for any other readers out there :smoke:.
    (Trust me, I currently struggle with an eating disorder so I know what you're talking about as far as self destructive methods of alleviating the stress of life go)

    Honestly mIdnite ToKa, it seems to me like you are pretty uneducated in the field of hard drugs. I'm definitely guilty when it comes to judging a book by it's cover so I could be wrong, but just by your poor spelling I feel like you kind of don't really know what you're talking about. I would highly suggest you do a little more research before you decide you want to legal ALL drugs. Just imagine a world where half the population was jacked up on PCP at all times.....:bolt:

    EDIT: After reading your thread that got closed entitled "check this s&*t out!! haha" I pretty much confirmed that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Sorry.
  12. the thing is they are hurting people, they're friends and family having to watch someone go down that round is a horrible thing and they won't take your help until its almost too late
  13. Here's a good question. If heroin was legalized today, would you who has never had the substance in your body just decide to start. No. And that is what will go through a vast majority of peoples minds. The idea that people will just pick up new habits out of the blue just because something is legal is a bit overkill. Not dismissing the fact that a large number people lack common sense. Ignorance isn't permanent, educate.
  14. There are fiends already constantly hurting one another for their next hit....
  15. if they legalized heroin and it was made by a reputable pharmacy i would definately try it. i understand the reason to legalize all drugs, it would kill the gangs and cartels because thats how they make there money. but if they were legalized they would have to be controoled as perscription narcotics are now. they pretty much have a drug that will do the same or better than most hard drugs, for heroin they have oxycotin and morphene, made from the same base material, pretty much all opiats codine tramadol whatever. for cocaine they have thiongs like ritalin and aderol. there is no way they can just legalize them and be able to sell em in a party store. id like to see you try and get good legal drugs legaly if you dont need them. ive been trying for a long ass time to get ritalin and xanax and there f'n sticklers
  16. "if they legalized heroin and it was made by a reputable pharmacy i would definately try it"

    Why does the fact it's come from a pharmacy make it different to regular street heroine?!? Heroine that's been cut with something else, which is apparently not a huge % if it has been, is unlikely to be more dangerous than the drug itself anyway.

    OP's suggestion would be to have these drugs completely legal and prescription free presumably, not like the narcotics etc. in pharmacies. If you'd do a drug just because it's legal then you are an idiot. NRG-1 is also completely legal while being about 13 times more dangerous than cocaine would you be willing to give it a whirl then?
  17. but woudlnt the problem worsen if say it was legal and more people are prone to trying it being that its "legal"? most people i have talked to who dont experiment with drugs usually tell me its cuz its illegal and they dot want no trouble...but if it was legal they'd try, and im sure theres plenty more people like that out there and it'll just heighten the problem and cause many or addictions/deaths.
  18. Personally, I wouldn't try it or any other drugs than my friend Mary (ok perhaps some shrooms and lsd :p). When I was much younger i did try a few things but to me herb is where its at.:smoking:
  19. yeah cuase if coke and herion were legal every person on earth would use them. Like how every person on earth smokes ciggarettes and drinks beer.:rolleyes:

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