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  1. Hey GS, I have question regarding the environmental factors affecting the sex of plants. I have 2 plants right now that have been in veg for the last 6 weeks. One of the plants is short stalky the other is very tall with the leaves spaced wide apart. From my past grows it seems like the tall skinny plants have a tendency to become male.

    Is there anything I can do that may increase it's chance of being female before I switch to flowering? I.e. Humidity, temperature, or nutes? I've read that changing some of the elements can influence sex...

    Thanks for the help! :smoke:
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    no... male or female, tall... skinny, short... fat... does not matter.... its a 50/50 when you don't know the sex of the seed before its popped...

    consider taking some clones right at the flip to flower so keep a handle on female plants rather than hoping some random bag seed is female...

    good luck
  3. "Increasing the level of nitrogen makes more female plants. Lower the nitrogen level to create more male plants. Increase the level of potassium to increase male tendencies; lowering the potassium level encourages female plants."
    "Low temperatures increase the number of female plants...High humidity increases the number of female plants... More blue light increases the number of female plants. More red light increases male tendencies... Fewer hours of daylight (eg 14 hours) increases the number of females."
    "Any environmental stress tends to yield more male plants when grown from seed."
    -Marijuana Horticulture

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