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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by geetardude, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Okay, guys I got a question or two for ya. I got my rapid rooters going, waiting for them to sprout so I can put them into my PC Case DWC hydro set-up. Now, this will be only my second time attempting a grow that actually made it past germination. Last time it was with shitty soil and they got burned.

    So, now I'm doing the DWC 1-gallon tub. From what I've read, I'm supposed to change the rez out every 1-2 weeks, right? Do I assume, I'm supposed to just pour out the solution down the drain, re-PH my tapwater and add nutes, and put my plants back in? I heard from someone that they just add more nutes without actually changing the water.

    I'm wanting to do whatever is less of a hassle, but doesn't hurt the plants. To me, it sounds like it would be best to completely change the rez water. What do I do with the plants while I'm changing the water? Do I just place them on some paper towels temporarily for the 10 minutes it'll take me to change the rez?

    Maybe it's silly questions, but I'm just wondering how I'd go about this shit when they get bigger, like 1 1/2 feet bigger. Don't want to have them fall over or something. Thank you. :wave:
  2. Not a hydro grower but I have read a hydro book or two. You definitely want to drain out all the old water once every week and start over with fresh, pH balanced and nuted water.

    Don't pour old water down the drain if you are on a septic tank.

    I don't know about what to do with them while you clean the reservoir. I would imagine that the roots should stay wet so maybe a backup reservoir or something is necessary.

    Hopefully a hydro grower will come along soon.
  3. depends how big the rez is, but a 5 gallon rez you can get away not changing for a couple days, small ones, every 2-4 days..put the nutes in capfulls in the rez afterchanging the water.

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