Changing nutrient lines mid flowering. Stress?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Tommatt, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. I'm currently running a DWC bucket, about week 7 of a 13 week sativa. I've been using Stealth Hydroponics nutrients, which I think are absolute crap. Getting the job done, but have not been happy with them. Today I went to the hydro store to pick up the GH line of nutrients (Micro, Grow, Bloom. Also picked up Liquid KoolBloom as I have a phosphourous deficiency, and Kool Bloom Ripening formula. )

    Would there being any problem switching over to these different nutrients this late in the game? WOrried they might be used to what they're getting and stressing the plant would be bad.

    So would there be any problem to switching nutrient lines, besides not having anything dialed in for PPM/PH, as I've gotten used to what I'm using.

    Thanks :)
  2. Beginners section is moving really fast today
  3. Well I replied in your other thread! Then again, I've been on the boards all day and I'm on vacation.
  4. I threw that in that thread cause I saw you had been keeping up on it :) Just now got home and on a real PC, only had one web page up on the beginners section. Gonna go see what you said now.
  5. i wouldnt imagine, it's just food. the only way it would cause stress is if the new food gave it a deficiency or caused over fert or something.
    anyway I just did that, was using hydro nutes for veg, and couldn't afford them when i put them into flower so I just gave them all purpose nutes for the 1st couple days, then put them back on the bloom nutes once I got paid. and it is one happy plant.
  6. I've had deficiencies all over the place. And learning from my first grow, the company I bought my startup kit from,.... over priced and not very good. I'm about 5-6 weeks from harvesting. Just bought a shitload of GH prodiucts. Looking forward to the switch, just don't want to stress my ladies.

  7. yea i went into flower with deficiencies, because I was being overly cautious with AN nutes and didn't use any additives. after I put it in flower and gave it some cheap all purpose fert and it seemed to sort out the deficiencies right away. since then I've been back on the AN bloom nutes and adding molasses for a almost a month, haven't had any probs since and looking beautiful.

    So go for it hopefully will sort your shit out
  8. thanks for the advice guys :)
  9. My answers are 50/50?
  10. I would say switch to GH. It is proven and I am sure your ladies would like it. Don't know if I would go full strength on the Lucas Formula to start as they probably aren't used to that, but hey, you will know if it is too strong, just look at the leaves.

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