changing my weed habits

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by skatealex2, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. my nature is that when i smoke , i like to hit a bong hit everytime i come down, but for now im gonna have just one or two sessions at most on the weekdays.

    posting this cause maybe some other people can benefit from this 'weed diet'


  2. It's not a "weed diet"

    its called being sencible.
  3. you'll appreciate your herb a LOT more if you spend more time sober...

    Being under the influence of any substance should not be the way you spend most of your time IMO
  4. I agree, the more time you spend sober the more you appreciate the herb. I sort of semi-agree with your last statement, tbh I kind of like smoking most of the time, helps me get through the day when I'm too lazy to do anything otherwise.
  5. I've changed my weed habits, its great to do

    I usto a little every morning, after school and before bed..

    like blunt cruises to school at 7am had to stop lol

    now I just blaze alll that moneys worth friday-sunday

    and its alot better
  6. It's called being sensible. :p
  7. i'm 2 days into my second tolerance break since summer started. Sucks like hell but it's definitely better to get stoned off less bud
  8. The main reason that weed is so addictive is that it's so good being stoned all the time. You have no worries and all the negative aspects of life are immensely softened. It's not like a hard drug addiction where you want to quit so badly but you just can't. I'll go a few days sober then I'll be like 'hmmm I'd LARVE a spliff!' rather than 'fuck fuck I need a cigarette or I'm gonna kill someone shit aaargh!' It's nice to be able to think clearly though, so much previously clouded vocabularly gets unlocked when you stay off the weed for a few days. It's so much easier to construct sentences, effortless in fact. I don't think I'll ever quit weed, it's too good to be missed, but I would like to cut it down to weekends. The trouble is that the day after a heavy smoke I just want to smoke more and it's hard to cut it out cleanly.
  9. this is my big problem too. The first day of forced sobriety is always the worst

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