Changing Lighting, Need Your Opinion....?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by rastakream, May 1, 2016.

  1. I have a 2 x8 closet setup, I have been using 1000 watt hps xtra sun to flower but with the closet being so narrow and long it don't get the sides. And with it summer approaching an temps high is 85 I don't want to add another 1k light. I was considering buying 2 Mars reflector 144x5 lights but not enough actual watts but perfect coverage. Or Using two hps cooltube 400s for flower, I'm aiming for atleast 50 watts per square foot. Let me know what route I should take how many plants what's size pots. I was thinking a Scrog with 5 3gallon pots 2x6 Scrog net

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  2. I'm a closet grower. I would not add any lights and just use the coverage that 1000w hps will provide. Acually, I switched to autos and run them 24/0. So in your case if heat or elec is not an issue you could flower directly under the light while your new autos are vegging on the outter edges. I fear adding any more new lights to your closewt will create too much heat, and there is no better indoor light than that 1000w. Now what I do is hang one led above each plant each light has 2x2 coverage. But that is expensive to buy.
    Also with autos, if heat ever becomes an issue you can cut back to 20/4 or even 18/6 anytime you want, veg or flower with very little affect on the plants.
  3. I use female seeds no autos. I veg with CFL, if I put the light about 20 inches you think I will cover 2x6 space. The hood of the light almost touch wall to wall, in the summer I can get it to say about 83 with lights on. Was thinking about buying 2 led to cover the closet better and electricity is a issue due to the fact the central Ac have to be ran. Should I buy like 4 300w led. I'm whiling to spend 500-600$. Will 2 400 watt cool tubes make more heat than the 1k hps ?

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  4. Check out the grow journal that McJr450 has going. He runs 2 400 watt bulbs in a similar sized space. He would likely be able to help you make a decision.

    I run an LED panel myself.

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