Changing light cycle during flowering???

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  1. My growroom is getting too hot! Does anybody know the best way to switch my lights from bieng on during the day to bieng on at night? I have a crop in flower right now and they won't be done foe 7-8 weeks and it's only gatting hotter outside. Is it ok to give them a 24 hour night and have the lights go back to the 12/12 cycle? Or is it best to do it in steps like a 14 hr night several nights in a row until I get to the new time I want them to come on then go to 12/12?

    Thank you
  2. ya just do it gradually, they only need 9 hours of darkness but ppl say 12 to be safe
  3. I have the SAMMMEE Problem!!!! I am subbed to find out the answer! Thanks for asking!
  4. I also have the same exact problem myself. The summer is just getting too hot. Have to flip flop my lights to the nighttime too. I've read 50/50 reports of 24 hours light and 24 hours darkness. For some reason it seems to me that the 24 hour dark period would be better. I'm still scared to death as I DO NOT want to hermie any of my plants. could someone who has actually pulled this off please respond so we can know what is best. I really love bud. Not seed so much.

    Thanks guys,
    J Budman
  5. Just leave it dark for 12 extra hours and start 12/12 over again. It won't hurt them to be in the dark for 24 hours.
  6. ^This. No need to do it gradually. The key to flowering is the length of the uninterrupted dark period, so to switch your light schedule just extend the dark never shorten the dark. When in veg the opposite is true.

  7. Just do this, you can also open a window or allow some cool air to get in there plants like fresh air there like you and me they need to breath.
  8. I just have my AC turned to like 65. My grow tent is 10 degress above ambient. Easy.
  9. I moved the 12/12 1 hour back per day untill they were where I wanted it to be. Its 105+ here and with the lights coming on at 12am going off at 12pm I don't even need a/c, just a portable swamp cooler 1/2 hour on 1/2 hour off during the on times. The temp in the rooms is 82 to 85 and humidity is 48 to 55%. I am saving $100 a month not using the a/c and fighting day time temps.
  10. open the window and throw a fan in it pointing out of the window to cool it down. then crank that fan all the way up.

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