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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by keef1986, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone, just wanted to get some input on how many plants to grow in the space that I have. A little background for you: 3x3 closet, 400 watt mh/hps, bubble bucket system. Okay, so my first grow went ok as first grows sometimes do, and I am planning on switching from my homemade dwc system to using bubble buckets. I really want to maximize the space that I have and was wondering if it would be better for yield if I did a one plant scrog or should I try to put more than one in that space? Do I have enough room to have a successful 4 plant scrog. My last grow some of my plants got way bigger than others and I'm leaning toward a 1-2 plant setup. Let me know what u guys think.
  2. By the way, the reason that I am asking is because I haven't used the 400watt light yet. Another thing that I forgot to mention is I will also be using a 90 watt ufo(when not cloning), and another 135 watt LED panel with this system. So approx. 625 watts total.
  3. Your lighting will be more than enough for more than 4 plants, but as you stated correctly u probably won't have enough room.

    I personally would veg that little longer and get two unde the screen depending on what you are going with, sativa or indica.

    Plan ahead as sativa will fill your screen quickly so you may only want to fill it 40% before you flower and about 60-70% fopr an indica but this is just and estimation.

    If you know what your working with then the better it will be due to knowledge of growth but apart from that you should do fine :)
  4. Yea, I will be growing pineapple chunk from barneys farm. Pretty sure it is indica dominant because of the leaf width. But if I can do 2, I might throw in some 818 Headband aka sour og, since I already have them started.

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