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  1. In a bit of a bind.  One of my ladies has outgrown her large pot.  The pot isnt small, but i guess it's just a tad to small for this lady - seeing roots starting to come out of the bottom of the plastic pot..
    Here is my question...
    I am finding it really had to get Canna Terra Pro (what i used to plant them in).  Will it be bad if I replant in coco?  This coco is balanced with cal and mag...  I will be using perlite with the coco (maybe as well as some horticultural charcoal.
    Is this advisable?  Needing to transplant quite quickly (say within 24 hours).

  2. Anyone? :(

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    Go for it dude, it's called tiers some people do it with auto flowering plants. Use a little starter soil than under it they use ffof or something. Not quite the same but I an sure it will be all set. Only thing I could think of to go wrong would be ph conflict but even that I really doubt. However I wouldn't worry about roots poking out the bottom a little. Roots tend to drive down as fast as they can so coming out the bottom isn't really a shock. If you have 4-5 gallon container I wouldn't change anything. The set back of transplant will be worse than any root reduction will be. General rule as I am sure you know is one gallon of medium per month the plant lives. Obviously this isn't always true but it's a good base line. Mine were showing like a week before I flowered in my five gallon bucket i am not having any troubles.

    Important if your plants are auto flowers do not I repeat do not transplant your girls. It will greatly hurt your yr old slow down your girls and give no positives.
  4. This one is a pure NYC diesel. 9-10 weeks til flower..

    The pot seems mighty tiny now. It's about 14 inches across about 15-16 inches from the ground. Not sure about gallons as I'm not from the U.S..

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  5. 20ish liters? My 5 gallon is roughly the size your saying 15in tall foot or so wide. 9-10 more weeks til flower? That's a long veg time so hopefully your talking until flower is done. Imo you should be straight but again if you want to transplant you sure can I don't think you will have Anything to worry about either direction you go.
  6. The plant just looks absolutely depressed. It grows, but droops. Some of the leaves are quite thin... This baby blew up at first but now I don't know if it's doing too well... It's got a tonne of growth under it growth.

    No idea what the f this plant is doing..

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  7. I am not sure adding more stress will be helpful because for that is what transplanting does. Droop is normally caused by over under watering sometimes to much nitro will give you the claw look half the leaf droops combined with the plant being to green deformed weird leaves. Hard toys without pictures, sometimes the girls just do weird things as well. If your giving nutes and she is to green I would tune it back each strain and sometimes each plant in a strain has different requirements for a great grow.
  8. I gave her a little prune. The big leaves were smothering the new growth so hoping this will encourage new growth. She was due for a water (5days) so I did that too...

    I stopped nutes a while back. They were growing great just with water so that's all I used, cept for the experimentation on two - they are 50/50 survival at the mo

    Thanks for the help :)

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