Changing feed For flower

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  1. I'm useing Fox farms trio for soil. I'm in 30 ltr smart pits which contain about 25 ltrs soil/perlite

    With help from the forum(thanks pistils) I went with 5 ml grow big and 5ml big bloom per 4 ltrs. It's been great but I need help with the next few weeks.
    I've been watering 3lts every 3 days, nutes added every 3rd watering. I'm expecting this to go up to every other day and then more volume of water needed. Would anyone have an idea of how much more water the devoloping plants will drink?

    Tommoro I change to 12/12. My last feed was yesterday so they won't get nutes agian until next week, say day 8 of flower. Should I ditch the grow big and move on to tiger bloom from the next feed? starting at 5mls also?

    I'll use big bloom all the way though, yes? But I'm not sure about increasing either. Would Useing 5mls for the next feed and then increasing by a few mils every week sound like the right way to go?

    I also have cal mag which I haven't used... They all seem very healthy thus far


  2. stick with grow cause when you flip she will stretch for 14 days and will want nitrogen and magnesium then when it slows stretch then flip to bloom nutes

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