Changing DWC Resevoir

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  1. I'm growing a plant in a 5 gallon bucket. It's in the second week of flower and I have to change the resevoir or top it off daily. This means I have to move the plant a lot, which has resulted in 3 pretty significant branches from breaking off and dying. Ive tied a lot of the branches up now, but that still makes it difficult to moves the plants to change the resevoir. This is also the reason I did not do a scrog, I couldn't figure out how I'd move the damn thing.
    I haven't seen anyone talk about this issue before. What do people do to get around it, whether it's something I can do for this grow or the next


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    Drill an access hole about 2-3" in diameter and cover it with a drain cover when you don't need to get at it.
    I then stick a hose end in and pump out the res.
    Reverse the process to refill.
  3. THIS. I put a ball valve at the bottom of my bucket. Easy peasy.
    Exactly what I do.. The ball valve is nice for checking the water parameters as well.. I just fill a cup and I'm good to go

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