Changes to setup and Fox Farm nutes and additives

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  1. What's up dudes and dudettes!

    I am close to finishing my 1st grow and i have two seedlings now that i plant on bringing indoors later, but I'm making some changes to try to have a more productive grow. So here are the changes:

    -Adding an A/C to the room my tent is in.
    -A bigger intake fan (i have a 4 in fan that only runs 190 cfm)
    -different soil, ffof and perilite mix
    -new lighting, (wanted to add some cfls since one of my led lights broke,but need a little advice on that.

    I found a store in town that has literally everything i need they happen to carry almost all of fox farms products. I was thinking about picking up some nutes and additives but i would like to see results and hear your opinions on what nutes or additives i could use.

    Thanks, Buzzy
  2. Recommend scratching the fox farm it works but it's finicky I would use biobizz light mix, roots organic, or just go straight to Coco coir I'm planning on using the Coco coir and the three part general hydroponic nutes plus Cal mag and benifical bacteria I like orca and I'm going with 7 gallon fabric pots and water/feed every day following someone else's dosage for nutrients for autoflowers spacificly from my understanding Coco coir will produce higher yeilds bigger plants and can be reused up to 4 times unlike soil so for the same money I'll get 4-5 grows out of it just food for thought might be worth doing some research I'll let you know how well it works

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