Changeling -Angelina Jolie- Insane

Discussion in 'Movies' started by FreeMJ, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I just finished watching Changeling. Seriously a really good movie and you should def check it out. I am not an emotional person but this movie actually brought some up on several different levels. Most notably, even more hate towards child killers as well as the police.
  2. I loved it man.

    It went from bad (child gone), to ok wtf this is weird this isnt my kid, then when that whole case with the ranch came up.. holy shit man.

    I had to take a step back. The story got progressively worse. But what a movie.

    The ending was still kind of sad, her looking for her kid still after years, but it gave her hope i guess.

    Good film.
  3. Seriously one of the worst movies to come out this year. So many script flaws and horrible acting. I dont know how this got any nominations...
  4. ^^^

    Dude you can't base your opinion on what critics have to say about it...

    The story was good, and it was made fairly well. So what if Angelina Jolie had some off days during filming. At least it wasn't another boring film with no plot or suspense.

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