Changed from RIU...hope this site doesnt have the drama...

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  1.   Ok so like the post says I'm from RIU, so don't hold it against me...only been growing for a year now, but have learned so much in so little time...there are actually some good peeps on RIU that will help without trollin' just gota weed out the BS to get help...yeah I like to have fun with n00bs, but I also try to help as well as continue to learn, not put people down cuz they have a cardboard box lined with tinfoil...haha...been there done that, so I can't seriously down someone for it. 
      I started with CFLs and some HO T5s, I still have them for 1 of my rooms, my small veg/clone/sprout/quarantine room, then I purchased 6-2,000w dual spectrum raptors and have 2 in each of my other 3 rooms...1 big veg room...2 mid size flower rooms...oh ya and a big walk-in closet for my cure.
      Now, if I can upload some pics I'll show you how I'm doing in just a year...this is my third grow, the first was a leaning event (to say the least) my second was better, but a little messy, but I think I have my rooms dialed in now.
      grow room 1.JPG Og kush.JPG My OG #18.JPG grow room construction.jpg

  2. welcome man, whats RIU?
  3. Thanx man and sorry, RIU is the "roll it up" outa hand with all the "better than you" attitudes, and realized I also made an acct here :yay: so I'm hopin' this site doesn't have the BS drama that the other is dealing with now...I'm lookin' around and like what I'm seeing so far.
  4. All forums have people on them that will clash...just like IRL, it's something that we have to deal with here and there...:)
    Welcome to the city...:wave:
    Always nice to have more growers on board...:cool:
  5. welcome man..
    nice plants.
    every sight has drama, it's whether or not you choose to take part in it or ignore it.
    all the best..
  6. Right on man thanx...and it was to the point that you almost couldn't avoid it, like on every thread, it was a bummer and a buz kill...peace and thanx again. 
    Yes they do buddy, but I try to be open minded about things, cuz I don't know it all (not just about growing) and I'm 47, but boy them teens on that other forum man they know it all with-in 20 posts...first post is "I have yellow leaves HELP!!!" and by the 20th their like "ya just do this and that and you'll be fine" and they just basically told them how to kill their'm crackin' myself up right now, not hard to do when I'm high, but you get the point, the shit was gettin' deep man, I needed hip
  7. welcome

    one of the most  beautiful plants, look at those trychromes. makes me want to eat it!
    yeah we got the know it all teens here too.. the ones that know everything about weed and have never planted a seed in their life.
    the grower forums here for the most part are "older" people and most are really knowledgeable. Of course you get the arrogant few who grow the best wed in their mind, but not as bad as some of the other sites that i've been on.
    if they just agreed that my weed is the best, we could avoid all of this drama and arguing..
    i think you'll dig it here man..
    Well...I'm 45...AW, while younger, ain't exactly a spring chicken himself...
    There are a lot of older, very experienced growers in this'll fit right in...
    Sure...there are know it all kids with loud know, the ones who know everything because they watched a whole "how to grow" video, but there are also some extremely talented growers on here as well...
    Read a few journals...pop in and say hi in the ones you like...make some friends...
    Most here are a tight lot...make a few friends, and they'll have your back...:gc_rocks:
    Hey...I resemble that remark...:poke: :laughing:
  11. Right on guys and thanx for making me feel welcome...I'm sure I'll like this place just fine, already better than...well...a kick in the ass, that's for'm kinda hit and miss right now on postin' back cuz I'm in the middle of making my second batch of qwiso ever, my first batch was pretty effn good, but this one looks a lot cleaner :smoking:
  12. Now why would we hold it against you when you showed the good sense to quit RUI, and join GC? :confused_2:  lol
    Welcome to GC! I'm "Granny" and I'm 66, so I'm old enough to your mom!  :eek:
    Now since you are a "mature toker", and likely to be beginning to feel those aches and pains sneaking up on you, I think you may be interested in something I have to offer!  I collect medical studies and articles on cannabis and the cannabinoids, and I share my collection with everyone who would like a copy.  
    But since no one likes a "pig in a poke", let me show you a sample from my List. Now a LOT of prohibitionists will tell you "Pot causes lung cancer!". When that happens, you pull out my List, and start re-educating them by pulling up stuff like this-
    Marijuana Use and the Risk of Lung and Upper Aerodigestive Tract Cancers: Results of a Population-Based Case-Control Study          (full - 2006)
    Marijuana Use and Lung Cancer: Results of a Case-Control Study     (abst - 2006)
    Study Finds No Link Between Marijuana Use And Lung Cancer      (news - 2006)
    Study Finds No Cancer-Marijuana Connection        (news – 2006)
    No association between lung cancer and cannabis smoking in large study    (news - 2006)
    Marijuana Smoking Found Non-Carcinogenic        (news - 2006)
    Pot Smoking Not Linked to Lung Cancer                (news - 2006)
    Large Study Finds No Link between Marijuana and Lung Cancer      (news - 2006)
    {Delta}-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol inhibits growth and metastasis of lung cancer.  
    (abst - 2007)
    Marijuana Cuts Lung Cancer Tumor Growth In Half, Study Shows      (news – 2007)
    \nThe List goes on for over 1000 pages like that on subjects from ADHD to WOUNDS and HEALING! All of the cannabinoids have their own sections and some of the stuff in the MISCELLANEOUS section is weird :blink: , funny  :laughing: , or just plain bizarre   :unsure: !
    To get a free PDF copy, just check out the bottom of my sig and send me and email. Or you can just PM me your email! I usually get a copy out to you withing 24 hours. Since the List comes as attachments in an email, it is easy to forward to your friends, so they, too, can learn about this amazing herb! :yay:
    Well, welcome to GC! :gc_rocks:   Have fun!
  13. Welcome bro
    You can definitely learn a lot in a year. What strain ya runnin there in pic 3? She looks nice and chunky

  14. welcome to RollItUp, man
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    Thanx man...and it's all pics of OG #18...

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