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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Jul 9, 2004.

  1. what happened in my bathroom, happened slowly but i noticed it, and tonight i noticed how much everythings all changed. newspapers magazines and the national enquirer were replaced by electronic gameboys and weird alien things called pokemon.(as an adult i never understood that game nor through the three years of it sitting in our bathroom could i ever play it properly,...i believe that to be the gameboy/pokemon goal). gone was the rubber duck that ernie ( or was it bert?) loved so,... replaced with a shark.yes we bathe with rubber sharks and alligators and various objects of considerable expense that require a college degree to play with so we may squirt water all over our bathroom. gone were all my things. replaced with everything that would and could strike a young girls fancy, baskets of hair ties (not that id ever make them wear a rubber band,oh the shame) not just hair ties, but hair pieces, yes 4 and 9 yr old girls need to be able to change theyre hair,"LITERALLY". shelves of hair products...comercials have told them they also need hair wax, hair gel, hair mousse,paint on hair color (again for theyre ever changing moods) theyre own special shampoo, conditioner, soap,16 bottles of smelly sprays with names ranging from tutifruity to cotten candy... hair brushes,a whole basket just for barettes and clips these must be present in every color imaginable at all times.little girls must have a basket of very shiny lipgloss so they can kiss all the mirrors, or else what would i have to clean? they have a shelf packed with a hot pink blowdrier and bendy curlers, these replaced my dull grey hairdrier and simple curling iron an ancient dinosaur of the past. and of course they have their very own special shelf of towels and washcloths...right next to the $6 container of "specially formulated face cleansing cloths". my son keeps his deoderant and one bottle of axe boy smell goody on top of the refidgerator of all places, right next to my husbands deoderant. all of which sets next to the cereal. i have tried with no avail to merge these 3 simple boy things into the world of girls but they always become noticibly angry and cannot seem to find/use them if they are not on the top of the refridgerator.(i wonder what they would think if i started storing an extra box of tampons next to the cerial also?) now that i think about it the only things they use in there are toilet paper, toothbrushes and everyone elses special towels. now we move on to the other bathroom, my bathroom. also containing sharks and alligators, because my tubs much bigger its "the place to be". so now the "girls" actually haul their stuff to my room for a swim. oh the fun. more water... more mirrors, more colors of lipstick to choose from for the mirror games. expensive perfume and nail polish. more hair ties,... better hair ties (these MUST be better because there always into them). they are incredibly drawn to the makeup basket and generally do themselvs up quite nicely,.... dolly parton style....whose dolly parton? oh she's that amusement park we went to once on vacation. she lives right next door to elvis the "king" of the united states. and while im at it....michel jackson is a boy?...<-- my answer to that one everytime is "possibly" that reminds me.... newsflash to my son...vanilla ice aka 'ice ice baby'...IS NOT COOL! and start using the bathroom your urine is whats killing my bushes.
  2. vanilla ice? VANILLA FRICKIN' ICE????

    go buy that boy some real music pronto
  3. lol he does and i came on his "monsters of rap" cd,..... he thinks its new........and cool
  4. well if you can deal with your son hearing some pretty nasty profanity I can give you a list of real (and real good) hip hop, sadly not much of my favorite rap is very kid friendly, at least go buy him a beatles album or something :p
  5. Kinda reminds me of when all my tools used to be where l left them hanging up.

    My garage used to be a neat place until 3 boys grew up,
    Now l,ve just spent 30 minutes looking for 1 of my 3 hammers.

    Couldn,t find one and had to go to the eldest sons place to get one of my own back [he had 2]

    yep they do grow if ya feed em ,lol :D
  6. ahh geezus.. to think there are people out there that jam and get down with their bad selves to shit like vanilla ice.. ahaha.. i can imagine.. dancin around.. duhdundundunduhdundun "ICE ICE BABY" shake that booty.. lol..
  7. Hmm. Now compare that with the days of throwing sticks at deer to survive. Cutting ones hair with two sharp rocks. Starting a fire or else waking cold or dead. Wood and stone tools. Animal clothes. I bet these people never worried about getting to work late. I bet they never worried about getting SARS or cancer. I bet they never cared about their credit history or mortgage. Their criminal record or education. Lastly I bet there was no Prehistory Police locking them in metal cages for their choice of herbs they inhale.

    We used to be hunter-gatherers. Now we're consumers. I bet we wont be around much longer.. I think the Earth will soon purge itself of us. Afterall we are destroying it. I bet Austrolopthicus(sp?) never ripped holes in the ozone or melted the polar ice caps. Fuck, man, what have we become?

    End deep stoned thought.
  8. I'm still down with Vanilla Ice. *nods*

    That's no joke either.

    No, really, I'm serious. Vanilla Ice is dope.

  9. I wanted to edit your post to say "Vanilla Ice is a dope." but that would be an abuse of my mod powers :p

  10. heh, the Hare speaketh the truth.

    I'd comment on topic, but fuck me sideways, after getting motherfucking clubbed over the head with the looooooooooooongest fucking paragraph on the planet (the threadstarter post) - i'll stick with saying that Hare speaks truth!

  11. lol!! too funny..
  12. wow, im too high for this.. but umm... I wear axe? Uhh,... is that the topic? axE? i dunn...o... hmmmm.... wow, i can hear myself speak all of this in my head... this is crazy! CARAZY! man, its a totally different voice speaking it, its like... mellow... like, jerry garcia! omg... im hungry now!
  13. as a teen, might i say that some old crappy late 80s early 90s rap is now good for pure entertainment reasons. as in, "wow, they used to think that was cool? that's so sad it's funny! TURN THAT UP!" the other day i came cruising down my buddy's street, he hears some beat comming from my caddy, and his step dad turned to him and said "is that MC Hammer?" That's right, i pulled into his driveway, blaring "Can't Touch This" with my window down. If i had a Vanilla Ice tape, i'd drop that in the stereo and blare it all around town. not everyone has the same sense of humour i do, ie. my girlfriend just shook her head when i put MC Hammer in, but there's nothing more humourusly cool than cruising down the street in a white newer caddilac with tinted windows listening to MC Hammer. God it's so fun :D

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