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change your identity, disappear or become someone else

Discussion in 'General' started by maxrule, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. I'm interested to see what people in city come up with and how much they know about this.

    If you wanted to disappear and become a whole other person, how would you go about it?

    What is the most creative ways you can think of to change your identity, disappear or become someone else?

    Could you fool a professional skip tracer or PI?

    Have you ever thought about it?

    I'm talking about legal methods, not necessarily ethical ones. :p
  2. Do what Emile Hirsch did in "Into the Wild". Just ditch all your identification and just skip town. Cancel your credit cards, perhaps?

    It's probably a lot harder than that, but what I wouldn't give for a new identity. One with no anxiety and social problems. Jesus... maybe I'll look into it.
  3. I would carve someones face off and wear it around. JK I would probably just stop everything, all mail, all contact, and drop off the face of the planet...in my room
  4. The first thing to go would be Facebook - delete that account. (even though they keep all your data anyways, fuckers)

    You could enormously creative. Pseudonyms are a good start, too. In a court of law, what does it require for you to change your name?

    Then, leaving the state/province/country is usually welcomed. Depends how much of a new identity you're lookin' for. Interpol could probably find you somehow - they always seem to. (except for bin Laden)

    This sounds like a lot of fun, lol.
  5. step 1: win lottery
    step 2: buy island
    step 3: buy boat
    step 4: make sure you bought all that in cash cause it would defeat the purpose if u used a credit card.

    fuck it ill just get a job and live here.. its easier

  6. I love this idea. I will get right on that. :D

    I also like the idea of spreading much disinformation about the old id. :smoke:

  7. I would make a new GC account.

    Identity changed. Problems solved.

    :laughing: Seriously, I have no idea how I would go about it. Easiest thing would probably be to get on a plane, run to the hills, build yourself a shack, and start growing your own food.

  8. Sublease the unabombers cabin. It could work.

    We shall call that plan b. :p
  9. Sorry for double post, but I want to add this without editing my previous one.

    Changing your identity is a what seems a daunting task in todays society. When you think how many companys and services have your personal data, the whole task seems near impossible. The longer you life, the deeper you get into this. As WHL said, even registering for a facebook account gives your own identity to a database for as long as you live, and, maybe even longer (even though that paticular example depends on when the facebook servers go down :p). Todays dependance on money makes the whole thing even trickier. Leaving only one option - "running to the hills". But this requires a live lived alone. And who wants to change there identity at the cost of all human interaction?

  10. why do you plan to be banned?
  11. Cancel all my credit cards, change my name through the court, move out of country
  12. extradition!
  13. I'd probably keep my cards but just change my name and then get out of the country or even move to the other side of the country. You kinda need the credit cards and stuff so you can live you know? Can't totally go into the wild or at least I couldn't.
    I agree with the Facebook though, that would allow you to drop off the face of the earth easier.
  14. Cancel credit cards, delete facebook, remove all online accounts, get a new email address, move to a different city and rent a shady place with cash, get a fake id with a new address and name, change physical appearance (grow a beard, cut your hair/grow it longer).
  15. Cancel/delete/deactivate anything that has your name and personal information and join the French Foreign Legion.
  16. eh, delete all my accounts on the internet. nothing is in my name now as in bills/cars etc. take a trip to vegas, I know where to get Id's and SSN, Birth Certificate, with your pic and your new name and it's all legit.

    and just disappear. And yes.. I've thought about doing it.. and prob still will
  17. 1 accuire cadaver roughly your same size and shape and age then have underwraps dental work done to said body matching yours

    2 get all of your money banks safes and pawn some valubles for extra cash but nothing noticeable

    3drive your car to nowhere with body placy body in driver seat of your car then place all your identifacaton aka wallet in pocket of the body and torch the car.

    4 make sure you
    have an extra car that was bought by a friend and dive away with that car to a pre detirmend drop area in public

    5 call for a taxi get out of town remember dont look back

    6 find a way to hop theus mexico border with out help or a pasport the less ppl that see you the better

    7 buy a boat that is sea worthy and supplys and sail to argentina

    8 live there for a while as a citezen lear the language and save and make money by working as a shady busness employe or somthing

    9 sell yor stuff to make more cash buy a boat or go on a cruise (requires some id tho) to your dream destinaton and when you get to your port of call get off your boat/ ship and run away far far away

    10 go to paradise and live on the beach and grow your own food and smoke yor bud and be merry in secluson or you could go to town and meet a preson or two and start a small village under the radar
  18. I dont plan do be banned, im just sure I will be banned at some point in the future.

    If I was planning to get banned I wouldnt be typing this, id be calling you a jiggle n*gger asshole bitch cunt and threatening to rape you mother and kill your dog.
  19. I'd start with simple things that make a big difference, change hair color, wear glasses or don't wear glasses if you already do, either wear thick soled boots to make you look taller or sandals to look shorter, wear bulky clothing to create the illusion of being bigger, hunch your shoulders or walk with a limp, buy colored contacts to change eye color.
    Everytime you come into contact with someone change your appearance again so there would be conflicting reports of your appearance, not giving the authorities anything. Pay for everything with cash, the obligatory cancel all credit cards, be as average as you can be, don't stand out. Get in contact with people NOT in your immediate family, or people you work with, acquire new passports and other ID under different names. There are probably things I'm forgetting but this is the gist of it.
  20. Exactly. Cut up any and all identifications, burn your SSN, everything. Get a few states away, hopefully you don't get pulled over in the process ;)

    Find a scenic spot in the middle of nowhere USA and live off the land.

    Live and die, the end.

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