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change the name of this area

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Switch, Jun 11, 2003.

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  1. to the horny bastards area: all you see when you come in here is: penis size, breast size, description of the female \"jucia\", shit about beaver lick church. Come on, did two assholes start arguing about the death of the queen mother for nothing here?


  2. You forgot, the how to strect your penis thread.
  3. ???
    is there a point to this thread?

    ... btw ... just how many hips did she have when she died anyway?
  4. Switch, how often do you think the Queen is doing IT? :D
  5. it probably hurt so much after squeezing out charles and his big dumbo ears that she quit alltogether.
  6. LMAO good thread switch!!!!!!!

  7. yeah, andrew musta just dropped out at around 8 months. ;D
    the big head grew later.
  8. I just wonder how kinky the Queen is? Is she into straight missionary position sex or does she get into doggy style, ass slapping, Bill Clinton sex??

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