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  1. this is a prewritten letter  from and the MPP to all my 420 friends....might help idk... 

    I just signed the petition "President Barack Obama: If marijuana is safer than alcohol, remove it from the DEA's schedule of drugs" on

    It's important. Will you sign it too? Here's the link:

  2. They will just use it for toilet paper just like all the others.
  3. yeah probally but I think these things are important so I try to spread the word.
    One day the message will get through...IDK when but one day???
    I write my local reps and sign all these things with that hope in mind.
    Don't know if you don't try.
    do you vote?
  4. Signed.
  5. Signed as well...we need to stay on this shit and show the politicians how many people have these views....
  6. [SUB]signed thanks [/SUB]
  7. signed, looks like its taking off pretty fast lol

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