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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Superjoint, May 17, 2001.

  1. Dear members,

    to keep you up to date:

    over 8 weeks we will migrate to a new site design, this will also include new bulletinboard software, where we now use ultimate buletinboard we will tranfser to vbulletin The most significant changes are that it will be faster, more stable and a lot more features. It show who's online, how many times a post has been read, instant messaging and we will incorparate a chat section. THere will be a small learning curve for the admins and the moderators, but all the excisting threads,post and forums will remain intact, we will import them into our new bulletinboard. Also login and password info will remain the same. Please be prepared if it happens, I will contact everybody when the actual transfer will take place, for examples of other boards who use the new software look at .

    that's it for now, if you have questions, post them here.


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  2. 'bout the chat, do you use the same login name and password or do you have to make a new one?
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  3. The chat will use the same login and password as the board!


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  4. Hey SuperJoint!

    The new format sounds like it will really shake this place up. It sounds Super Good to me!!!!!! ;)
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  5. sounds KICK ASS!

    Can't wait!
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  6. :D :D :D :D sounds great :D :D :D :D
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  7. So, over the next 2 months or so this krazie ass new site is comin into play?
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  8. Just Downloaded 101 Lite.........back to school.......hehehe :) :p :)
  9. that cool. more new things.
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