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Change in effect pot has...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GoddessMegra, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. I've been smoking pot regularly for about 4 years now. I've gone through my heavy phases and my not so heavy ones. I used to get happy and relaxed and laugh a lot when I smoked. About 9 months ago, I had a bad reaction to one hit off a gravity bong. I started to get freaked out when we had to go in an elevator. My heart started beating really fast for some reason and it was kind of hard to breathe. Since then I haven't smoked as much as I used to. I don't take as many hits as I used to and I don't get as high. And a lot of the time when I smoke now I only take like 3 or 4 hits and a lot of the time I wish I hadn't smoked at all. It feels funny in my heart. Sometimes it starts to beat really fast and sometimes it just doesn't feel right. My stomach also feels funny sometimes, it doesn't hurt exactly but it doesn't feel right. I don't have the good reactions I used to. I was just wondering if any of you other seasoned smokers knows why this might be happeneing to me now. Sometimes I have a good high, but more often then not I spend most of the time praying that it wears off quickly so I feel better.
  2. Ive had that happen to me before my heart started beating really fast and i allmost coundent break like not gagging for air but right on the edge to but then as fast as it started it stoped.
  3. Getting high and having panic attacks is common.
    It is just a reaction to the chemical effects of reefer.
    If you are going to be a long time smoker, you have to learn how to get over it. If you cannot get over it, don't smoke.

    Kind of like taking acid. You have to remember that most of that stuff you see and feel is not real. Keeping your wits about you is essential to long term drug usage.

    Getting high when in a bad mood can be bad. Sometimes it does not lift the spirit, it just makes whatever emotion is dominant at the time stronger. If you are worried about something (like 'am I going to have a panic attack this time?' ) then that thought will be the dominant one and control your thoughts for a while.

    Yeah, that's it, learn how to control your thoughts or at least be able to think about something plesant as you are coming on to the THC. Watching the commercials about starving children in Bangladesh (please adopt little Xelzpah for only $30.00 a month) is not nearly as conducive to a good buzz as listening to Zepplin or Moody Blues.

    I guess by that choice of music, I am dating myself.
    As it is, dating yourself is a felony in Oklahoma.

    Party On, Garth
  4. i've had this before it's suck i felt like i was gonna b high for the rest of my life and i'd have to live with it and that everything was like crashing down on me. I thought i was blacking out wheni really wasn't but it was deffinatley not good feeling . I always get it when i mix MJ and alchohol or when i blaze and i'm not ina good mood. Theres no way to fix it just quit token and go to sleep it helps.
  5. When my friend started smoking (we pretty much started at the same time, it's like 2 guys walking the weed path at the same time, lol) he freaked out the second time we smoked. His heart was racing like crazy, but I told him to just chill out and that it was just the weed and that it'd go away. It pretty much did, so I think that it can partly be in your head. Do you always EXPECT it to happen? The mind is a very very powerful thing, and it's gonna fuck with you sometimes.

    Or maybe you feel guilty about the act (consciously or subconsciously) or something and your stomach is just reacting? Who knows. Theres so many possibilities. But that really sucks.
  6. I have never really freaked out or anything while high, but one side affect that I do notice is that I'm the most forgetful person that I know. Such a pain in the ass it is. I'm such a stoner.... ugh....
  7. Hey IMMothership it was your 420th post!!!
  8. GoddessMegra, one thing.

    It's all in the mind.
  9. never smoke when you know your gonna cry
  10. Your mind does have an effect on things, but remember this. Weed is a drug. It is used as medicine in a few (why not all!?) states.

    When a doctor gives medication say for depression he is not going to give the same thing to everyone. Some people's bodies react different and need somthing else. Weed, I think, is no different.

    Not saying we all don't get high, but everyone has different tolerance levels, side effects, and have mental effects.

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