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  1. So I have some plants going gorilla style in the woords.

    The method I transplanted the plants in the woods may seem a little crude to some of you. I dug up a hole in the ground and filled it with my own mix. The size of the hole is about 18" by 12" (45 cm by 30 cm). I filled it with a mix that is roughly 70% peat, 15% worm castings, 15% vermiculite, 2% dolomite lime, 1% polymer water crystals.

    My concern is this: The hole isn't very big. It's perhaps 10 liters in size. I tested the surrounding soil's pH, it's 5. The nutrient test restults are as follows: very low nitrogen, high phosphorus, and very low potassium.

    I want to raise the pH of the soil that is surrounding my dug up and replaced soil. I figure that in about 2 months the roots will outgrow the hole I dug up and soil I planted for them. Coincidentally, the plants will be in flower at this time. Since the native soil has high phosphorus and low N and K, I woud like to take advantage of this soil for flower, but my obstacle is the low pH.

    What is a good solution to raising the soil pH?
  2. You can use powdered dolomite lime or wood ashes to raise the pH. Sprinkle it on top or dig it in a bit. 1 ounce per gallon is rule of thumb.
  3. Eggshells also work as lime as well. I know Corto already knows that, im just telling anyone else who doesnt already know that.
  4. Yeah man, no problem 40s.:D
  5. Thanks guys for your help.

    But it just blows my mind that sprinkling some dolomite lime on top of the soil will affect the pH of soil that is 3 feet below where the lime is sprinkled.

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