Change from 150w hps to 400w hps 4 weeks into flowering?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Blueandgold, May 5, 2011.

  1. Hello all I am 4 weeks into flowering on my first grow of Jack Herer with a 150w HPS. I am now in the market to getting a 400w HPS for my next grow and was wondering if switching to the 400w this late in flowering would do any harm.
  2. I'm pretty sure it will only help increase yield
  3. it certainly wont harm ur plants unless u put it too close, alot of people up there light as there plants progess, they dont need as much light when there only small.
  4. And make sure your ready to deal with any heat increases you may have, espically if your space is small.

  5. very true. I run a 400 without a vented hood. they are pretty easy to cool off with proper fan placement if you keep the outside room cooled. I would recommend a vented hood however. tis just a good investment
  6. You can find pretty good deals on used hoods on eBay.
  7. i have a 400w HPS now for my first grow it seems to be growing plants just fine theres loads of light and plenty of heat im thinking this gonna be a good grow
  8. yeah 400w gives off alot of heat am surpised at how much heat there is pleased i didnt get a 600w its already like a bloody sornner in my growroom if i stayed there long enough id get a sun tan
  9. ThomasSquared asked about this, you don't happen to have a tent do you? If so he could use some tips I bet.
  10. I was just marveling at how amazing mine stays cooled. I have a 400w MH, and 150w of CFL light in my box right now and its at 76, thats only 1 degree more then my room - 75 degrees.
  11. i dont have a tent but i cant imagine a tent been any different to the set up i have
  12. Whats the CFM rating of the fan you use? He has a really strong one and even maxed out reaches 92 ish in minutes.
  13. im just using a normal desktop fan at medium speed i wouldnt call my set up professional but anything that works is good enough for me

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