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Chances this stuff is covered in poision?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Tirehu, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. So i had some conflicts with this girl, who is friends with my dealer. He seemes angry at the phone today when i was a little late. And i got this bag.. Usually i only grt buds. But today this garbage
  2. Would she be mad enough to kill you? Maybe just revenge but not poisoned (no pics??)

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  3. Probably not laced. He just gave you shitty weed. I assume you smoked it, so if you haven't noticed by now, it's not poisoned

    Happy toking!

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  4. Oh that's posion. I can tell by looking at it.
  5. put a flame to it and see if a reaction occurs other than the usual ;)
    smoke up :bongin:
  6. 0.4%

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  7. Smoke it, if it isn't weed you won't get high
    If you die, it's probably poison

  8. Your local city police/crime lab might be able to help you identify what it is.
  9. Very simple yet effective way to find out :D

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  10. If you put vinegar on it and it turns bright green then it's definitely anthrax.

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  11. You will die in 7 days. Sorry op
  12. Throw it away man shits poisoned no pics but definitely poisoned.....
  13. i hate people like these, post and never come back to see they forgot to add a photo or care enough to see the help theyve gotten, and disappear. Why post if you are never gonna go back to da thread
  14. if he fucked with your shit go beat his dealer ass. i bet he just sold you some dirt fuckin shit weed and maybe rubbed his balls on it or something. 
    if he poisoned you, you would die, or be injured, the weed would clearly responsible, and he would go to prison for a very large chunk o life

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