Chances of Survival?

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  1. So I'm not extremely into growing, but I am going to make an attempt this year, if it doesnt work I dont lose anything so its worth a try.

    Pretty much across my street is all woods and plains. Directly across my road is pretty much 2 200+ yard fields that people never go in to and have no reason to go into. My plan is to germinate as many seeds as I have, plant them accordingly in the field and hope for a grow. I can't constantly go across the road and water them every day, BUT the thing is all of the plants that are in the field are overgrown by the summer anyways. So I think if its in its natural habitat, just growing, it will work without requiting work until the end.

    Can someone maybe put some input on this? I live in north nj, so the summers can get hot, and lots of rain in the spring, usually.
  2. Heat and rain aren't a problem. People can be though. I suggest growing in a wilder type of area, like in the middle of nowhere. Houses nearby means kids looking for your weed in the Fall, and how do you plan on watering them? Drive around and use Google Earth imo. Look for thick homogeneous vegtation, you can dig a few holes in and amend properly before Spring. (1-2 months for manures and meals to cool off, still separate from root ball with less hot soil). Tell no one. Look for a water source and then look for a spot from then. Good luck.

  3. I dont know about the watering, but no one ever goes to my location, and its a good spot.
  4. It takes a lot of work and being stealthy though (night). Preparing the holes, figuring out the watering problem, keeping it invisible for 5-6 months. Is this place inacessible or do people just "not go there"? It's better to have a natural barrier when you have enormous buds out there in the Fall...
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    Well honestly we cant tell you the chances of survival, i mean its a pot plant, so naturally, its chances are pretty good. Then from there, its up to you if they survive or not.

    Yeah, things might be fine at first, but once you get buds, your gonna be freakin about how many people could find it. Think about it, waking up one morning, grabbing your clippers and going out to harvest, to find all your plants stripped of your months worth of work. Id shit my pants on the spot.

    Then sit down, and probably cry :p
  6. Well said, thanks.

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