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Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. the kid who popped all that shit with me went fuckin pill crazed today. in 5th period he popped 4 flexeril and when he got home he popped 8 coricidin, 24 benadryl, and 2 tylenol PM.

    my question is does he got any chance of not dieing or is he just fucked


  2. Why? Are you taking bets?
  3. no its cuz i care about my friends and i dont want any fucked up shit like that happen.
  4. naw, you won't die. You never do. Prolly never will.
  5. if your so worried, bring him to the hospital.... or start using legit drugs....

    stay away from over the counter meds.

  6. *edit
  7. i aint the one who was poppin all the shit, and by the way he's aight but he's still fucked up. another thing, me and him have never tried to outdo each other, most of the time when we do the shit we aint even together theres only been a few times when we're together, we take the same amount that way we would both be under the same amount of influence.

    haha, sup ugly infidel, those pills u gave me sucked n made me fall asleep i didnt get fucked up haha, get me some ambien n i'll hook u up wit some ecstasy.


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